Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Three Power Strategies to Help You Create the Success You Desire By: Priscilla Williams

We all desire to create, build and be successful. However, there are so many people who don’t have a clue how to unleash the overflow of success in their lives. Success is not having a certain amount of money or fame, but success is all about undertaking and achieving the goals you set for yourself. I remember going through a season in my life where everything that could go wrong was. I had so much doubts and fears that I didn’t have a clue about how I would make it. I remember feeling hopeless and insecure, because I had so many failure in my life that I didn’t know to move forward. There were some key success strategies that help me overcome my fears and moved me toward creating massive breakthroughs.Here are a few of those game changing strategies you can begin to use immediately to move you  forward. 

1. Know what it is you want. This may sound simple, but there are so many people who don’t have an idea of what it is they want out of their life. When I began to really think about what I wanted to accomplish in my life, this is when things became clear for me. If you don’t know what it is you want in your life, how will you know what to work towards? There are so many people drained doing busy work, but they are running fast on a treadmill going nowhere. Because they have not clearly mapped out where they want to be. This can be draining mentally, and physically. When you sit down and create a road map for what you want to accomplish and add some action steps behind it, you will begin to see results. 

2. Keep the right circle of influence around you. This is really important, because you are only as strong as the company you keep. If you want to stay motivated and encouraged you have to keep individuals who are like minded in your mist. You must surround yourself with those who want to see you succeed and grow. You cannot climb this ladder of success on our own. You will always have to have a support system or network to help you grow

3. The power of personal development. Personal development and self-investment is a major key strategies. You can’t go very far without investing in your future. In order to create some major shifts in your money, career and business you must be willing to invest in YOU! Most Individuals who have acquired major success, invest in some form of coaching. Because they understand the value of self-investment and the momentum it can create. 

If you want to create the success you desire in your life, you must be willing to do something different. If what you’re currently doing isn’t working, then I would suggest it’s time to do something new. Greatness is inside of you and what you desire can happen if you put some action to it. Faith without works is dead, and if you want to move to the next level in your life then you must be willing to put in the work. Success is yours if you want it, the question is how bad do you want it?

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