Saturday, October 24, 2015

What Are You Waiting For? By: LaTasha West

I was in McDonald's, I'm sure that you are familiar with their menu: burgers, fries, chicken sandwich,Filet o fish. That pretty much sums up the options. The menu has remained consistent for about the last 20 or so years, but for some reason the person ahead of me just could not decide what to order. Is that you?  Does it take you an extended period of time to make a seemingly simple decision? Are you the person who needs to weigh the pros and cons and then weigh the pros and cons of the prosand cons?

This process is somewhat acceptable when making a life altering decision, however if you are doing this before you decide on something as simple as what to wear for dinner, chances are you are a procrastinator.Procrastination is a form or fear and lack of confidence which will quickly kill your dreams and plans.Normally people think procrastination is putting off doing something until a later time, which is true,however procrastination can take on many different forms.

Here are some the most common ways people procrastinate:

-Always busy but getting nothing accomplished. You have 4 open projects, yet it's been 3 months and have not launched one. You are self sabotaging. Focus & complete a task.

-You have to look at all of the possible outcomes, every one that you can think of, before you decide. News flash, nothing is foolproof, you might still get it wrong. Stop thinking & move. If you make a mistake learn from it and start again.

-You need more research. How long do you need to study the market? By  the time you decide to jump in the trend will have moved on without you. Trust yourself. If you are wrong, see above.

-It's just not the right time. Well tell me this, when is the right time? I'll wait for an answer. Exactly!

There is no perfect time. Never has been. Never will be. Stop waiting & move before you miss your moment.The state of indecision will not only drive you crazy it will stifle your growth. To be successful you will have to take some risk. You are intelligent enough to make a decision. Trust yourself. Move from your gut and go!

The Author

LaTasha West is the CEO of West International Business Solutions LLC. She is a certified Small Business Development Coach, a passionate speaker, the founder of The Next 100 Project, co-author of The Entrepreneur Within You 3 (book) and creator of the First Impressions Customer Service and Soft Skills training program. Known as an innovative and creative business strategist, she has helped numerous small businesses expand their playing field.

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