Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2016: The year marketing changed your business By Nia Perry

Famed marketer Seth Godin said “The New Marketer needs to be in charge of everything the company does. They need to be the first step.” Needless to say, I am clearly partial to this statement and wholeheartedly agree. However, many companies unfortunately see marketing as an afterthought. This is even truer for my solopreneur sisters. As business owners, there are so many challenges we face daily to ensure our operations run to their optimal capacity. And, if you’re like me, you try your best to manage the responsibilities of the business, including client demands and acquiring new business, in addition to the personal responsibilities of our families, homes and health. Let’s be honest: It’s exhausting! But, what good is all your hard work if you are not maximizing your business opportunities and getting the visibility your brand deserves? Whenever I consult with new clients, I always inquire about the challenges they face with marketing their businesses. Astonishly enough, there are so many consistent themes. In fact, raise your hand if you 

find yourself in one of these statements:

 I do not understand marketing

 I do not see the benefit of marketing in my business

 I do not have the staff to support marketing efforts

 I do not have the budget for marketing

 I do not have the time to market my business

What I most admire about the fierce and fabulous women I have the pleasure of connecting with, is the transparency I receive from them about simply not understanding marketing or the true value it can add to their business. Some correlate a logo and website with an entire branding strategy. Many do not utilize the vast amount of free or inexpensive tools available to streamline marketing activities. One of the biggest misses any business person can do is to create a very simple marketing plan.The goal is to create an intentional course of action that will increase your visibility, attract your ideal customer, and ultimately (feel free to also insert ‘hopefully’ or ‘prayerfully’ here) increase your bottom line. 

A few elements to consider when composing your marketing plan:

 What products/services do I offer?

 What is my unique value proposition?

 Who is my ideal customer and where do they seek my services? 

 What are my overall business goals?

 What are my marketing goals?

 What strategies will I implement to achieve those goals?

 How much money do I need to allot to marketing this year?

Remember, as the BOSS of your own business, the role of Chief Marketing Officer ultimately falls on you. You CAN learn the marketing ropes! Let 2016 be the year marketing transformed your business!

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