Friday, October 14, 2016

Moving Beyond the Block Series Pt. 1: Conquer yourself By La'Keisha Gray-Sewell

All too often, the girls I mentor face limited ambition due to blocks in their lives. It's like clouds blocking the Sunshine...When I talk with my young mentees, we spend a lot of time examining how much their literal neighborhood block shapes their identity and worldview. I try my best to engage them in global perspective so they can see themselves beyond their block, as global citizens.

Ironically, one thing I've often noticed is many adult women also do not take the time to 1.) recognize their blocks and 2.)  subsequently, do the necessary work to move beyond them. 

There is so much that can block us from a fulfilling life and attaining the things we desire most. The thriving career, lucrative contract, flourishing friendships, loving relationships, and even a bank account of significance...all can be elusive to us because of the blocks in our lives.

In order to truly live a fulfilling life of destiny, we absolutely must transcend certain beliefs and habits.

Those blocks may show up as generational mindsets, fear, unworthiness, imposter syndrome, negative thoughts, tardiness, disorganization, and a myriad of other manifestations.

So just how do we move beyond the blocks? The answer lies in practicing to BE our Highest and best self!

Expand affiliations/networks
Seek knowledge
Invest in personal/professional development

When consistently practiced, these habits help you shine and move beyond the blocks in life and business.   

I'd love to hear if you've recognized any blocks in your life and how you moved past them. Please share in the comments.

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