Monday, November 14, 2016

Rise To Move By La'Keisha Gray-Sewell

Courtesy: Maya Angelou Film

There are those whose lives are so majestic, so profound that their living can provide us definitive examples of how to move beyond the blocks in our own lives. Sometimes it feels like they are our teachers and life coaches.

I was prompted to contemplate this recently when I went to see the film “Still I Rise,” a documentary on the life contributions of Dr. Maya Angelou. I never had the privilege to meet her, nonetheless, her life has had such an indelible influence on my identity and sense of self, I paid to see the film twice!

And while this is not so much a review of that film, it is a testament to how our cultural icons can indeed inform us on how we too can be influential game changers.I was so moved, I feel compelled to share a few of my takeaways with you, too.

Our lives are bigger than us!
This is a concept I have always believed in. After all, it is the impetus for starting a not for profit organization serving urban girls. Yet there is something deeply spiritual about using our gifts to serve. Whether we serve in board rooms, in hospitals, classrooms, with our words on paper or on stage, our service should open doors for others, provide hope to the hopeless, and it should speak for the muted. Mostly, it should be a source of power for the powerless.

In this way, our service moves us beyond the block of ego and narcissism.
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Your gift will make room for you
Simply through her gift of storytelling, Dr. Angelou was able to travel all around this globe doing what she loved. All the more inspiring is that she found a way to diversify her gift through multiple outlets. In that vein, she was an author, poet, dancer, songstress, organizer, producer, and professor who served with heads of State; collaborated with legendary change agents such as James Baldwin, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X; and was featured in magazines; and educated new generations.

Like Dr. Angelou, our gifts (talents/service, etc.) can move us beyond our block and onto the world stage.

Love is light
Love will help us to move forward in ways that lighten the mood and relieve tension in our home and work spaces. Practicing Dr. Angelou’s brand of love is simply seeing the good in others irrespective to our perception of their shortcomings.  If we practiced this with each person we encounter, even when it is merely through email or a phone call, just think of how much more pleasant our disposition would be if we were guided by love? This positions us to receive understanding and appreciation from others when we fall short, too.

Don’t stop believing in your dreams
No matter your age, education level, finances, or social status, right now is perfect  to begin living your dreams. Tap into aspirations and goals you set but abandoned long ago.  Challenge yourself to make them come true.

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