Friday, March 10, 2017

Just One Percent of Effort Will Change the Course of Your Life by Sylvia Duncan

In my last two blog posts, I told you that hopelessness is a dream killer, I also gave you tips to know when and how this dream killer will hold you captive.  This month we’ll discuss how to take back your life.

I talk often about my childhood and how I grew up in a violent home.   And, some of you may be “over” hearing me talk so much about the adversity I experienced, and that’s ok.  I’m ok with it because, I know why I do it; I do it for two reasons, I do it to let you know that your past can and will affect your future, and I do it to motivate me to change.  Because adversity, not just domestic violence, but any adversity can and will alter your life in a way that will have you questioning “What the hell happened!?, Why are you where you want to be in your life?”  So, I continue to tell my story to let you know that, it isn’t you, it’s your reaction to what you experienced. 

Because what you experienced, left behind toxic, self-damaging behaviors such as; low self-esteem, lack of confidence and fear that have kept you stuck.  For example, you didn’t finish school because you didn’t think you were smart enough.  You didn’t apply for that job or seek that promotion because you didn’t think you qualified.  You were afraid to start the business so, you remained on a job you hated.  All toxic, self-limiting and self-sabotaging behaviors.

And I know what that’s like, that’s why I keep telling my story.  Like the man lying at the pool, waiting for someone to do for him, what Jesus told him to do for himself, “pick up your bed and walk” (John 5:6-8) ; I was spending my days waiting for something to happen for me, all the while, time was ticking away.  And, like that man at the pool who laid there for 38 years complaining that no one would help him, I stayed shackled by the toxic behaviors created by my past, complaining about the course my life had taken, instead of making things happen for myself.  And, that’s what I’m saying to you today, “Pick up your bed and walk!” Get up and do something!

Do Something

Yes, just one percent of effort will change the course of your life, but you must make the effort.  Instead of spending time reliving the pain of the past in a way that keeps you from creating the life you desire, let it be motivation for change.   Time is indeed ticking away and each day you spend stuck behind the bars of a “mental cell” you create, by indulging the toxic behaviors caused by your past, is less time you’ll have to create your destiny.  Hear me when I say this: “Reliving the pain of the past is a worthless activity”, the only things you’ll create are excuses and paralyzing fear that keeps you from moving forward into a productive, purposeful life.  However, using the past to motivate you to change is beneficial to your future.  Now…Get Up and Do Something.

Grace and Peace,

Sylvia Duncan, 
The Life Detox Coach, Author, Speaker

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