Tuesday, May 23, 2017

3 C's of Success Pivoting by Nicole Woodcox, M.S.W.

The art of pivoting can help the business owner know when it’s time to rebrand or release a partner, the employee of 15 years that has just been laid off have the courage change fields, the college student who has just graduated with a degree in a field they no want to work in or can’t find a job in, the family who just found out they are having twins instead of a singleton, the teenager that just found out they are pregnant and even the family that just found out they may have a hard time conceiving without help. The ability to pivot, aka mental flexibility and adaptability is one of the top ten skills employers look for, according to the University of Kent, and “a critical skill that all entrepreneurs need”, according to Inc.com.  Not only is the ability to pivot critical for success in the business world it is a necessary element in being able to have the resilient mindset to flourish regardless of the situation presented, based on the book “Emotional Agility” by Susan David, Ph.D.  Everyone needs to know have to successfully pivot in life if they want to thrive in this fast-paced world filled with hurting people.  These 3 Cs are keys to successful pivoting in any situation. 

Contemplation is allowing yourself the time to create the space need to temporarily escape the distractions and chaos of life.  This can be a daily practice of prayer, meditation, journal writing, walking in nature, exercising or anything that allows to get away from outside influences and stressors.  This time is so you can observe the thoughts and emotions in your mind, not to judge them but to take inventory of where you are mentally.  Meaning this is the time in the day where you can be honest with yourself, where you can acknowledge that you feel overwhelmed but have also learned some lessons, a time where you can go over your pros and cons of a situation.  Contemplation is an essential key prior to any pivot because it helps us not to lose our voice and values in the face of outside influence, fear, or stress. 


Clarity is usually a byproduct of having good contemplation time. Clarity is when your inner coach voice comes through loud and clear with your best next steps.  Clarity is when indecision takes a back seat. Focus and determination on an

 S.M.A.R.T goal is clarity.  Clarity is essential to a pivot because it allows you to release indecision and organize yourself with clear goals.  


Confidence naturally comes when you know that you are prepared to make the next best steps to achieve your goals. Without confidence, we are sometimes hesitant to say our best yes or say our best no to things that do not help us meet our goals or serve our best interest. Confidence is essential to a pivot because without it we may not have the courage to make those moves that actually lead us to pivot.

These 3Cs are simple but easily overlooked, which can cause us much time and energy. Without these, we sometimes allow life to simply happen to us instead of taking the responsibility of living a life on purpose. So although it may seem hard to carve out time for self-care or saying no to other people’s request of you that do not serve you, it is absolutely essential if you want to live a life on your terms. 

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