Saturday, December 29, 2018

Clutter: The Reason Why You May Be Unable to Move Forward by Sylvia Duncan

Last month, I took on a task that I’ve been putting off for some time; I cleaned out several closets that were becoming stuffed with stuff.  While doing so, I discovered something about me; I discovered that I had a little bit of a “storing” problem. Now, I know what you’re thinking, but I didn’t say hoarding problem, I said storing problem, as in, just put it away until you can find a purpose for it later. You know how it goes; you look at an item you’re thinking of tossing and you say to yourself, “I could use this for something”, so you put it away and wait for the time when you really could use it, and when that time comes, you’re glad you had the good sense to “store” such a useful item.
Well, although I had convinced myself that cleaning the closets would be a daunting task, once I put a system in place, the task became quite simple; take everything out of the closet, examine each item before deciding its fate.   Either, it would be placed back in the closet, make it to the “store again” pile, (that pile where you are not sure what to do with it), to a donate pile, or the pile where it’s fate would surely be, without hesitation, the inside of the garbage.  If after a month, I hadn’t found a use for the item in the “store again” pile, it would either be donated, or it too would find its way into the garbage. 
My system was working well. While sorting through items in the first closet, I came across my daughters prom dress, instantly I seemed to be transported back to the day when Pooky, (her nickname) was preparing for her high school prom, I reminisced about how beautiful she looked and envisioned the moment her date, arrived to pick her up, handsomely dressed in the colors they had agreed on, probably months ahead.  Those are moments I want to hold on to and never let go, so the prom dress was placed in a protective covering and back into the closet.
What Are You Storing?
Tell me, what sense does it make to hold on to anything that brings grief and pain? Any emotional baggage such as anger, resentment, unforgiveness and bitterness that keeps you stuck, should be tossed.  Holding on to these self-depleting emotions is like storing a ridiculous item you’ll never use, you’ll fill your spirit with useless emotions that only take up precious space in your mind and heart.  Isn’t it more sensible to toss these negative emotions to live a happier life?  I challenge you to do what I’ve done and make the rest of this month “Clear the clutter” month.  Go through the closets in your home and the inner closets in your heart and mind and clean them out. Begin now to be intentional about making room for a healthier, happier you, and when the New Year comes, you won’t have to join the resolution herd, you’ll be ahead of the game.

Clutter Clearing Guidelines:
Here are a few guidelines to follow when you begin clearing the clutter from your home and life. With each item you come across, ask yourself the following:
Is the item useful?  If you think there is a possibility that the item can be used again, put it in the “use again” pile and revisit it in a month, if you haven’t found a use for it…. toss it.
Is what I’m feeling useful to me or the goals for my life?  If so, be specific, what value does it hold? 
Is the value masquerading as a get even opportunity? If so, it’s really unforgiveness, and holding on to unforgiveness is like having to guard your prisoner, as long as the prisoner is in prison, so are you, so the only way to free yourself is to let your prisoner go, so toss it.
If you’re honest with yourself and toss everything that holds no value, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a clutter-free home and a happier you! By the way, if you’re wondering what the item was that brought back the negative emotions; I have to say……it doesn’t matter.  What matters is I now have space in my emotions for peace.
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