Covid-19 Grants Available by BOSS Founder, Cameka Smith

Hi Bosses,

I hope you all are coping as best you can, during this pandemic. I can't believe this is our new normal but I know it is nothing we can't handle. We are in our 10th year as a community and although our plans have changed, we are still encouraged to grow. Here at The BOSS Network, we pride ourselves on being a resource for women of color. I look forward to the day, we can come back together as a community and celebrate what we have overcome. 

We know securing business funding, has been a pain for many entrepreneurs, so I compiled this list of grants and resources for you. If you have other financial resources, leave a link in the comments below. Please apply ASAP and share it with as many people, as you can. Stay encouraged!

If you are looking for one-on-one coaching to recession-proof your business, contact me at Visit to join our BOSS community. -Cameka Smith, BOSS Founder


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