#WeGotNow by Monique A .J. Smith

#WeGotNow not “Next.” “Next” is for settlers, and "Now" is for Pioneers. Pioneers are the Change Agents, front line people who face everything first, upfront, and head-on. #WeGotNow people are action takers, creators, fearless entrepreneurs, and consultants. In contrast, “WeGotNext” or Settlers are the benefactors from the Pioneers, who are waiting to get in the game, build on pioneer foundations or experiments.  It takes both to make the world turn. However, at this moment in time, you must seize “Now.”

 Seven years ago, due to a leadership change, I was terminated after 13 years of dedicated service to a nonprofit Higher Education Association.  Now, I can say that “pink slip” became my “Pink Bow” because it became the present that I needed to get me to my next. See, I watched the movie “The Godfather,” loyalty was everything, and although when individuals wanted to do something that would be in their best interest, they chose loyalty instead.  I would have never left on my own because I was a loyal soldier. However, the transition was not that difficult because I was already a Higher Education consultant in the marketplace 8 years before my departure.  During my years as Associate Commissioner, I managed a grant program for professional development for minorities in the field of Athletics Administration. I was quite successful in assisting with the advancement of women to top seats in Athletics Leadership. Other conferences would hire me to speak to their women and empower them with similar tools. As a consultant, I monetized my specialized knowledge.  I had an individual brand while I was representing the Association brand. You can, too; currently, I assist Higher Education, and Sport Industry clients brand and monetize their specialized knowledge every day.

In 2020 and beyond, we have several loyal soldiers that are displaced and have a new normal.  I am here to tell you; the present is a present because of #WeGotNow.
During this time of uncertainty, there is a natural tendency to take a cover, retreat, and hold on to what you have. That is a scarcity mindset and will not serve you well.   Embrace a Growth mindset, think on how to expand your capacity to be #WeGotNow.  How can you be the answer to the current state of affairs, whether it be Covid19 solution Maker or BlackLivesMatter educator? #WeGotNow.

The #WeGotNow looks like taking the position without all the boxes checked; having a Sponsor to recommend you for a job you didn’t even know it was available, it is entertaining a conversation that begins “ Have you Considered"?  It looks like the many people who pulled out their sewing machines and started to create masks for the marketplace. It is remaining OPEN to Possibilities and not being in a State of Fear of the unknown. What territory needs your specialized knowledge under these unprecedented times. It is time to think like a Pioneer, not a Settler. #WeGotNow

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