Get Your Digital House in Order by Pam Perry


Have you noticed the shift that’s been happening? Because of the pandemic – and thanks to smartphones and fast internet access – more and more of our interaction is happening online (although it’s been like that for a while now, you just can’t ignore it anymore – it’s a way of life).

This pandemic has been a boom for some businesses and created fresh opportunities for others, even as it’s wrecked entire industries. If you take a close look, you’ll see that the people who are thriving and surviving are the ones who have gone digital.

Here’s the truth: Whether you have a digital business, a brick-and-mortar business, a regular job, or have retired to the beach, you have to take some part in our world’s digital transformation or you’re going to get left behind.

It’s time to pivot, change, level up, transform, adapt, and lean in with the right mindset and a strategy for moving forward.

Check out my podcast here for stories about people who successfully pivoted their businesses to thrive and survive despite the pandemic, the key to keeping up and leveling up in our digital age, what digital is all about when it comes to business, when to hire someone versus learn how to do it yourself, book launch ideas for the pandemic era, the very first thing you need to do if you’re going to have an internet-based business … and more!

Highlights From This Episode:

  • A quote that explains our current situation in a nutshell

  • Digital transformation essential #1: The right mindset

  • 4 things to level up in your digital business

  • Success Story! Debbie Allen (remember Fame?) expands her dance academy online

  • From radio to YouTube – a quick recap of media’s evolution

  • Learning is THE key to keeping up and leveling up

  • Why it’s vital that you know the basics of using a computer

  • 6 ways to accelerate your business – a quick list

  • Digital transformation essential #2: A strategy for moving forward

  • What digital is all about (and it’s not about using the cool tools)

  • Success Story! How an Airbnb host kept things going while others failed

  • How video can help you bring in customers during the pandemic

  • Success Story! A Lyft driver who pivoted to Grubhub

  • When to hire someone vs. learn how to do it yourself

  • 3 virtual book launch ideas – let’s get creative!

  • How you can benefit from the gig economy

  • The next big digital business opportunity in this pandemic era

  • A pro tip for online meetings, conferences, and summits

Pam Perry is an award-winning communications professional. She teaches and mentors authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs on how to build a platform and attract major media and publishing contracts. She is also the publisher of SPEAKERS MAGAZINE and co-founder of Digital Business Acceleration. Download her free PR Mini-Course at


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