Thursday, April 21, 2011

Meet BOSS Honoree and CPR Expert Katherine Y. Brown

Dr. Katherine Y. Brown
Founder of Dr. Katherine and Associates CPR Courses

Dr. Katherine Y. Brown is Founder of Dr. Katherine And Associates CPR Courses. Fueled by a passion for cardiovascular health and driven to combat the disproportionately higher percentages of deaths resulting from cardiac arrest in our communities, Dr. Katherine Y. Brown dedicates herself to teaching others life preservation skills. She strategically established Dr. Katherine and Associates CPR Courses on Chicago’s Southside and currently travels nationwide teaching CPR with the intent of “saving lives one CPR class at a time.”

Dr. Brown and her team teach Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Advanced Cardiac Life Support, AED, and First Aid courses to healthcare providers, school faculty and staff, and the community at large. To teach CPR to the greater public on a national level she has visited homeless women’s shelters, churches, schools, service organizations and parks. She currently travels to low income
areas conducting CPR demonstrations.  Her motto is, “We are in the community for the community.”

Propelled to increase bystander CPR across the country, and invited as far as Jerusalem, Dr. Brown launched a nationwide campaign. Last year, she and her team taught over 1000 people with free non-certification CPR courses during National CPR Week. As she explains, “People are dying every day. I look forward to the day when the community views learning CPR not as an option, but as the necessity
of life it really is.”Known for doing more than what's expected and with a goal to encourage people
to become their own health advocates; Dr. Katherine And Associates CPR Courses provides heart healthy initiatives including free walking clubs, a triathlon training program, and heart  healthy cooking classes with Chef Irving Brown II. She explains, "We are a family owned and operated company and it is our goal to serve where we are

Dr. Brown is a CPR Instructor, Training Center Faculty Member, and highly sought after motivational speaker. Dr. Katherine Y. Brown resides in Chicago, IL where she enjoys family life with her husband, chef Irving Brown II, and their four children. 

Dr. Katherine And Associates CPR Courses
820 E. 87th Street Suite 100
Chicago, IL 60619


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