Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fearless, Fabulous, and a BOSS: Meet Dr. Kamala Uzzell

Dr. Kamala Uzzell is a licensed professional and national board certified counselor, researcher, motivational speaker, and life coach.  She earned a Doctorate of Philosophy degree in Counselor Education from North Carolina State University, a Master of Arts degree in Agency Counseling from Campbell University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her 12 years of clinical experience includes the criminal justice system, college and university settings, private practice, and outpatient mental health facilities. She has extensive experience in the treatment of depression, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, stress management, relationship concerns, and workforce and career-related issues. 

Throughout North Carolina, Dr. Uzzell has given speeches that both fosters empowerment and motivates her audience. She has complemented her clinical and professional work with research focusing on the healthy psychosocial development of Black males as well as the psychosocial wellness and behavior of athletes. This research has been presented at scholarly conferences, both at the regional and national levels.  Dr. Uzzell, the President and CEO of SOLAY Counseling and Research Center, P.C., is passionate about mental health and wellness. Her primary focus is to empower her clients through tailoring each session to their specific needs. These tailored sessions offer a sense of security and understanding as well as a focus on the client’s psychological goals.   

SOLAY Counseling and Research Center, P.C. is a mental health counseling, research and professional consulting organization focused on helping individuals of all ages attain success in their personal, educational, and professional lives.  As one of the leading mental health practices in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park area, SOLAY offers psychotherapy, corporate consultation, and massage therapy. The center specializes in providing psychotherapy and life coaching to athletes and entertainers, and works with medical practitioners in order to offer quality mental healthcare through psychotherapy to the surrounding community. The center also works within the legal field assisting attorneys with clients who have psychological related matters. Additionally, SOLAY provides an educational and motivational programs and workshops specifically designed for women, such as Sister Talk, SOLAY Sisterhood, and Fearless & Fabulous: How to Have It All! Durham, NC is the corporate location for SOLAY, however there is also a center located in Goldsboro, NC, which further extends the services to North Carolina residents.

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