Monday, September 17, 2012

We Are Inspired By This BOSS: Angel Coleman, Cashflow Transformation Coach and Expert

Angel Coleman has become the cashflow transformation coach and expert to many small business owners.  She is the founder of who took her business from financial stress to financial success in less than 12 months.  Angel is the creator of the popular 6-Figure Rapid Cashflow™ bootcamp and Cashflow Transformation™ system.

After 10 years of struggling with financing her business ventures, attracting ideal clients and operating a profitable business; she broke the code around not having enough financial resources, weak marketing strategies and entrepreneur burnout which drastically transformed her business. 

She now helps others do the same for their business whether you want to multiply your cashflow, attract more clients or grow your business to six-figures in record time.  Angel has been where you are and wants to help you have the successful and profitable business you’ve always wanted.

Angel has created a revolutionary coaching method that guides her clients through her trademark Cashflow Transformation system which focuses on the 5 M’s to Cashflow Transformation™: Mindset, Model, Money, Marketing and Management.

Now what does this all mean for your business? Let’s take a closer look into the 5 M’s to Cashflow Transformation:

·         Mindset affects your entire outlook of your business and the future it will have.  Your mind is where all the magic starts or ends.  Henry Ford said it best “whether you think that you can or that you can’t, you are usually right.” Success comes to those who believe they will be successful and take massive actions to achieve it. 

·         Model refers to the roadmap to start, manage and grow a profitable business.  Business Ideas come a dime a dozen and you must have a business model that creates various ways to achieving your financial goals. One idea can easily turn into multiply streams of revenue for your business.

·         Money isn’t everything but it’s VERY necessary to have in order to run a business. How much money you have access to will determine your options and the choices you make in business.  Building financial resources in advance can be the deciding factor if your business stays open or goes out of business.

·         Marketing is essential to the survival of today’s small businesses.  Long gone are the days where a business could just thrive solely on word of mouth.  We now live in a day and age of MANY choices and as a small business owner you must be savvy in how you market your business to stand out from the crowd to attract more clients.

·         Management of your business can be done in two ways; it’s either efficient or inefficient.  And the big difference between the two is the money it will cost your business to operate.  It’s better to work smarter not harder.  Creating a systematic way of doing certain task in your business will Save Yourself Time, Energy & Money (SYSTEM).

As you can see the 5 M’s to Cashflow Transformation can impact your business in a big way.  These are the same principles Angel used to create the business of her dreams and have helped others do the same.  And to help you get started on the path to financial freedom and experience more of Angel’s Cashflow Transformation system, get her FREE AUDIO program “Solid Steps to Cashflow Transformation” today and learn the secrets to attracting all the money you need for your business.

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