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Daydream on Purpose by Dorothy Enriquez


I bumped into two people before I could withdraw a number from the red dispenser.  The number 16 was displayed on the overhead screen; I pulled 27. Sending packages was a popular pass time for which I never received the memo. Music wasn’t an option. I forgot my headphones. I couldn’t read a magazine; I didn’t pack one in my go-go gadget hand bag. Surfing the inter-web was out of the question due to lack of reception. What was a girl to do? Daydream of course. 

I dreamt of the future: I was dressed to conquer the world in cadet blue slacks, a white and blue pin-striped-long-sleeved blouse and metallic-silver-four-inch heels. Large windows traced the entire perimeter of the building. Large gray/blue tiles made the floor appear endless. There wasn’t a cubicle or piece of furniture in sight. Six groups of people stood before me awaiting instructions in the airy and naturally lit office space. Two groups were from my company and the other four were unfamiliar. I lifted both hands to get everyone’s attention; all eyes were on me. Then…number 27 screeched over the intercom, back to reality.

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming: at the office, at home, waiting in line or when someone is complaining? Did you know it’s healthy to daydream? So if you’re reading this at work, there’s no need to feel guilty. states daydreaming with your eyes open can hold the key to realizing the seemingly unachievable. The mind actually has a hard time distinguishing things you are doing now from actions you anticipate and memories of the past. That’s why visualization is so powerful.

I’ve been told to get my head out of the clouds, but I vehemently disagree. The clouds are where the best dreams reside and my head loves it there! Alicia Keys sang it best:

Oh, she got both feet on the ground
And she's burning it down
Oh, she got her head in the clouds
And she's not backing down

                An active imagination coupled with a tenacious mindset is the key to making the ‘what if’ become the ‘what is’. I dream DOT Magazine will become a national publication DOT-Nistas can find on newsstands at their local bookstore or shopping center. My mega dream: my company and journey will inspire those around me to dream BIG! You have big dreams too, otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far. The question is how do we dream on purpose?

3 Tips to Help You Daydream on Purpose:

1. Vision Board Mini To-Go. Create a vision board that can fit in a 5 x 7 picture frame. (Cut up old magazines, use construction paper or whatever is handy to make your dreams and goals come to life.) Now your dream is portable. If possible, take the vision board EVERYWHERE: the office, gal pal sleepovers and business trips. As a backup, take a picture of the vision board and use it as a screen saver on your laptop and cell phone.

2. Daydreamin’ in HD. Use your imagination to construct an Oscar/Golden Globe nominated film in your mind. I’m talking 3-D: What is the setting? Who are the people involved? What is happening? What are you doing? How do you feel? And remember: you’re the leading lady. Replay this smash hit over and over again.

3. Greatest Novel Ever Written. Document your destiny in detail. Write in a journal, on a sheet of paper or even using the EverNote App on your phone or tablet. There’s no need to show it to anyone; it’s your road map to achieving what others might think is impossible. Note to self: Never let others define you based on their limitations.

BOSS ladies, we have to dream in HD. Technicolor is so passé. It’s 2013 and this is our year! We need a vision of what our lives could be like. Let’s nix the ‘best-case scenario’ and go for ‘sky is the limit’. says a vision is a picture or idea we have in our minds of ourselves, our life & style + our business or anything that is going to happen. A clear vision helps us pursue dreams and achieve goals; an idea of the future. This clarity opens our minds to endless possibilities. 
Jeremiah 29:11: For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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Advice For Delivering Your Message by Ruby Veridiano


Speaking at Fordham University, 2010.

I often get emails from fellow aspiring writers and speakers asking advice on how to get started on the journey to spreading a message. What I love about the people who email me is that they often have a social mission to accomplish, and a thirst for serving communities. First off, that’s dope. Being message driven is a courageous and purposeful mission, and you never know who you will influence.

While I’m no expert and still feel like I’m learning along the path, I’m happy to share some of the steps I’ve taken to build my work. Feel free to take in what you find helpful: 

1.)  Create A Mission Statement.
 Creating a mission statement lays out the blueprint of who you are and what you stand for. Search for mission statements from companies and organizations you admire, and use those as models for your own. When you know the WHY behind your WHAT, everything will fall into place.

2.)  Know Who Your Audience Is, and COMMIT to them.
 The other plus of knowing exactly who you are is the ability to identify the audience your work speaks to. When you know whom you are talking to, you will know how to shape your messaging and create the proper visuals to communicate your idea. Once you know who they are, commit to them by being consistent in your content and delivering something that fulfills their needs.

3.)  Be Purposeful with your Social Media.
 Sure, it’s neat that your boss annoyed you this morning or your cookies crumbled the wrong way at lunch time. But is broadcasting that really contributing to the greater good of the world? Social Media is the New Media. My friend Joy Heriales-Yip calls Facebook the new television- billions of eyes are on it every day.
That being said, if you are building a brand or a personality that has a purpose, make sure that everything you are sharing on Facebook or Twitter is in aligned with your message, or in some way enriching your community.

 4.)  Develop Your Visual Communication.
       Rev Run always says, “dress how you want to be addressed!” That statement not only goes for the clothes you put on, but how you “dress” your image online. Make sure the photos you use, the logos you create, the images you use in social media, and the websites you design reflect your mission statement. This is another tool you can use to serve your audience.

  5.) Build with Allies.
      See who out there shares your mission. Reach out to them, build with them, collaborate with them. Most importantly, support them! If you want to begin speaking to young men, seek out a local organization who serves that group. Approach them and ask if you can collaborate on a program together. From there, things will snowball, and other opportunities will come your way.

 Use social media to communicate and network with thought leaders and influencers in your field. You never know just who your words might reach, and how far your audience can grow. If you start thinking about Social Media as a tool, you can use it effectively to create change.

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5 Key Steps To Boost Business Profits by Shontaye Hawkins


According to the SBA, one of the top reasons small businesses fail is due to poor accounting, which boils down to one thing – not looking at the numbers. Do you have a system and process in place to monitor your bottom line? If not, how will you know when you’ve achieved your financial goals? How will you know which marketing strategies and actions are paying off and which ones are not? The numbers tell all! You may be thinking all I need to grow my bottom line is get more clients. More clients alone will not solve the profitability problem. Tracking and monitoring your numbers on a monthly basis will.

Below are 5 key steps to help boost your business profits and achieve your financial goals:

1. Clarity – Clarity will grow the bottom line. Get clear about where your business profits are now. Then identify what your annual profit goal is or essentially where you want to end the year.

2. Focus – Focus on what you want to create based on step #1. Remember, what you focus on becomes your reality. When you focus on not having enough money to pay your bills then that’s exactly what you create.

3. Create A Strategic Action Plan – Take your annual goal and break it down into a monthly goal. From there, identify and align your actions with the financial results you want to create. There’s a cost of doing business so make sure that you consider your expenses when creating your action plan.

4. Take Consistent Action – Based on the action plan created above, like Nike said, “Just Do It”. A goal helps you articulate your idea but consistent action will create the results and success you desire.

5. Monitor Your Results Monthly – When it comes to boosting the bottom line you should review your business financials monthly. Decide on a date to review your numbers and schedule it in your calendar. If you aren't seeing the results you desire, review what did and didn't work then adjust your action plan accordingly.

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Branding 101 for College Students by Brittany Applegate


You’re about to graduate soon! Congratulations! Now what? In a competitive job market, how will you stand out amongst the hundreds of other who are applying for your position? You'd be surprised to learn how many people share the same interests as you, are applying for the same jobs/internships as you, and are simply just like you! It is important to look at yourself as a brand. You must consider yourself as the S.ugar H.oney I.ced T.ea! You must build on what makes you unique. To prepare for life after college, I'd like to share some of my favorite tips on branding yourself. No matter what year you are in school, it's important to find out who you are now and start branding yourself.

Be An Expert!

Figure out what you enjoy and what you are passionate about, and then become an expert in that subject! After all, you love it because you KNOW it best. Share your expertise and passion with the world. A great way to start is by creating your own blog or website. Without a digital space, you’re invisible. Your blog or website allows you to reach people beyond your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Many employers are adding the “website:” option to their applications. How awesome would it be for them to get to know your personality, passions, creativity, and uniqueness before the interview? Sites like are great for beginners! Once you become an expert, share your expertise on your brand new website!

Network by Association!

Join and become active in a professional organization in your field. Join an organization that will benefit you in the long-run. Meeting other people with similar career interests will create a clear path for success. Networking will always lead to future opportunities. There is much truth in the phrase, "It's not what you know, but who you know." In the meantime, research new organizations you can join and create yourself some business cards! Visit to easily create your own and don’t forget to add your website’s URL.

Build Your Digital Space!

Social networks are like those friends you have who seem to know everybody. By joining sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, you have joined a community of limitless opportunities. Identify and connect with people who think like you and especially with those who don't think like you. You may be an accounting major who comes across a dancer who has dreams of opening their own dance company. The relationship you build with the dancer may open a door for you to be the accountant of their dance company in the future. Socialize and network efficiently; these sites were created for your benefit.

Discover your X-Factor!

Your X-Factor is what you have that no one else can claim. For example, as a marketing major, I decided to minor in Spanish. Well aware of the impact Latinos have in America, I knew it was beneficial to learn a second language. Learning a second language allowed me to be more flexible with my job search. Employers were impressed to know that I was bilingual. I stood out against the "4.0 GPA" student who only knew English. Why? Because I could communicate with more people by knowing a second language. Find your X-Factor and make that a large part of your brand. Learn a second language, master a software program, volunteer at a company in your specialized field, and find internships! These amazing skills that will help you transform you from fitting in, to standing out.

Keep Growing!

Never stop growing and expanding your brand. Always be open to reading articles, watching documentaries, visiting companies, and reaching out to people who can help you grow. Remaining dormant and complacent won’t get you far. Step outside of your comfort zone and find new, creative ways to brand yourself. By reading this blog post, you are already growing. The more unique your story, the better.

Now that you know some tips on branding yourself, don't stop here; keep expanding your knowledge! The next time someone asks you, "So, tell me about yourself?" tell them about your brand!

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