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Act Like A Boss Think Like A Boss By Andrea Mosley


In times past and even presently, being a boss has negative connotations more than positive. If you ever had a boss then you know exactly what I'm talking about. In today's society being a boss is more about what you have materialistically. That’s a pretty arrogant and shallow perception… I could give a long list of what a boss is not but I’d rather talk about what a boss really is and let you measure where you may be against where you should be.

You see a Boss has character. A Boss has integrity, he or she does what they say they are going to do when they said they will do it. They Know what is right and they are faithful to what is right even when no one else is around.

Boss  is humble, approachable, treats people with kindness, and compassion, the way they would want to be treated. A boss also knows when and how to be firm. They build people up and sow into the lives of those around them which is why they tend to have a faithful team. After all sowing and reaping is a universal law, doesn't matter what you believe. 

Boss  understands that everything isn't about them, and so they are more committed to the cause rather than insisting on their own way.

Boss  doesn't make excuses, they are responsible and can admit when they've dropped the ball. They are quick to apologize and the first to take the lead in rectifying a situation yet not afraid to ask for help. They understand they can’t do everything so they stay in their lane and delegate appropriately.

A boss is on time, why you? Because they respect other peoples time as well as their own. They understand the importance of timing and order. Without order and structure there is chaos and no measurable growth or respect for that matter.

Boss  thinks outside of the box, takes calculated risk and isn't afraid to fail at something for the sake of possibly succeeding at the thing they believe in. They don’t give up! At the same time they know when to call it quits when it comes to employing methods. Just because it didn't work one way doesn't mean it won’t work another way.

Boss  is content but never settles for mediocrity. He or she is always looking to challenge and further develop their personal growth, gifts and talents.

Boss manages what they have well and is careful about biting off more than they can chew in order to preserve the integrity of whatever their business is and it’s operation. They focus more on quality instead of quantity because they care about people and how they serve them. That’s right a boss is  servant if you haven’t gathered that by the pointers above.

Boss  sees a problem but contemplates solutions. He/ She is always seeing into the future but regards what is present when making decisions. 

Last but not least, a Boss  leads by example! First by understanding that every good boss also has a boss or someone they are accountable to whether it be spiritual or none.
As a reminder, a boss is more about character rather than status. Character is what changes our world and maintains status while caring about the status of those in the world around them. So be great, be a Boss!

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The Truth About Money by Monique Caradine

The 4 types of people who will always attract money, no matter what the economy!

What do most of us hear when the topic of money comes up in conversation or in the media?  Usually it’s statements like this:

“Money is tight…”
“I’m broke…”
“I gotta count my pennies…”
“The ‘sluggish’ economy…”
“My money is funny…”
“I can’t afford it…”
“I’m living paycheck to paycheck…”
“Can I get a hook up…”

How many of these sound familiar?  Which ones of these have you used recently?  Be honest!

Listen, I’m guilty of repeating some of these same phrases as well but no more.  It’s time to put a stop to this kind of language once and for all—especially among brilliant entrepreneurs like you.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand that unexpected things happen that can cause a temporary lack of funds.  Trust me, I’ve been there.
However, prolonged “broke-a$$-ness” among brilliant entrepreneurs is a direct result of two things: 1.) making sub-conscious choices rooted in fear and 2.) Sub-consciously making the decision to hold on to disempowering beliefs that keep them broke and struggling.

So as of today, I implore you to stop believing the lies and rumors about money. 

Here’s the truth.  Right now, money is flowing abundantly throughout the world but it’s flowing mainly to 4 types of people:

People who understand it.  Most people don’t understand the universal laws of saving, investing, giving and attracting large amounts of money. They only think, “work, earn money, pay bills, buy stuff and be broke again.”  We MUST elevate our knowledge around how money works.  One easy way to do this is by reading books and magazines that focus on money, wealth and the secrets to creating more.  Want to see lasting improvements in your money situation? Consider working with a coach who can help you unravel the old “stories” that may be holding you back.

People who respect it.  Is your money crumpled up in your purse or wallet?  Do you often lose track of it?  Do you ignore the money in your bank account, never really having a full awareness of what you have, what you spent and how you can use the rest?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have a lack of respect for money.  Those who respect money—regardless of the amount—work with it frequently and systematically and it starts with simple habits like regularly monitoring your accounts and keeping your cash neatly organized in your wallet.

People who are not afraid of it.  Our fear of money is usually rooted in the false belief that we are not worthy, we will mishandle it, or people won’t like us if we’re rich.  So here again, sub-consciously we do things to keep a consistent flow of money out of our lives.  I’ve also noticed that some people stop short of making and even talking about larger sums of money because they think doing so will disempower people they love or it will make them feel uncomfortable. People who are bold and fearless with money on the other hand are more inclined to attract it with ease and speed.  They ask for more, they come up with fun and creative ways to make more and they are like money magnets.

People who are generous with it.  Why are some people so tight with money?  Because they believe that money is their source.  NEWS FLASH: money is NOT your source.  If you are a believer, God is your source and one thing I know for sure is this: God is not broke.  If God is not broke, you shouldn’t be either.  So don’t be afraid to give.  Your Source wants to give you OverFlow and your generosity plays a role in unleashing it.

What lies, rumors or beliefs about money have you bought into?  Are you ready to let them go?

@MoniqueCaradine is an award-winning TV & Radio personality and a certified Income and Influence Coach for emerging women in business.   Using her nearly two decades as a producer and on-air personality and 10 years as an entrepreneur, she helps women in business drop fear and excuses to become highly visible high-earners.  Her OverFlow Women’s Business Retreat is being held in San Juan Puerto Rico June 9-12, 2015.  Visit

Fear Faceoff By Tiara Wilkinson


Fear knocked, faith answered; no one was there.

This powerful quote continuously inspires me.

I often wrestle with fear. I come up with all sorts of reasons of why not to do something. I imagine all of the bad endings, what could go wrong, how I could be embarrassed. But I have learned that this kind of thinking can kill my dreams. If I choose to pay attention to those fears, I won’t begin the work, and nothing will be done.

Many of us are standing in front of unlocked doors, but we're afraid to open them because we are imagining our fears standing on the other side. We think that as soon as we open the door, what we fear will smack us in our face and cause us harm. We have already pictured our defeat, so we stand still instead of moving forward.

It's funny though. Those times when we decide to face our fears (often because we have no choice), we open up the door and often find nothing there. In fact, instead of what terrorized us, we find courage, we find accomplishment, we find strength, and we find our better selves.

Sometimes what we feared does show up, and yet it's not as bad as we had imagined. Even if the worst possible scenario ensues, we find that we have the strength to endure and are made better for going through it. When we get the courage to face what we fear, we are able to grow. 

What are you afraid of? What fears are hindering you from your success? What's keeping you standing still in your tracks?

Don't allow fear to keep you from your destiny. Don't allow fear to keep you from moving forward. Your destiny is waiting for you! Stop allowing fear to keep you stagnant. Allow yourself the opportunity to grow. Give yourself the chance to succeed. Stop listening to fear, open the door, and move forward!

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