Thursday, December 17, 2015

3 Things That Are a Must in Reaching Your 2016 Goals By: Priscilla Q. Williams

 The New Year is always a time to reflect over your past goals and accomplishments. This is also a time to re-evaluate if you need to do somethings differently. If there were goals you set at the beginning of the year, but didn’t reach them then I’m sure your brain is working hard to see what needs to be done next. Before you start working on your 2016 goals I want to share with you 3 critical elements you must have in order to reach your New Year goals.  I have used these key elements myself and it has taken my life and my business to the next level. Let’s look at what those key simple strategies are. 

1. Building Strong Relationships
Relationships are extremely important in helping you reach success. The key to building relationships all comes down to you authentically connecting with people. If you are aiming to reach a really big goal, you must have relationships with key people to help you get where you need to go. You need others to help you reach your goals, because you can’t do this alone. Even if the work depends on you doing it all, it is vital that you have a mentor, coach or accountability partner in place. Having powerful relationships with like -minded individuals will help you shorten your learning curve and reach the goals you desire. The one important thing about relationships is making sure that the relationships are authentic. Don’t connect with someone because of what you think they can do for you. Build strong relationship based off of a true character connection, and how you and that person can help sharpen each other’s skills. 

2. Create a Strategy/Plan 
When you are setting goals it is very important to have a plan in place. There are many individuals who have an idea of what goals they want to reach, but don’t have a roadmap to get them there. Creating vision boards and writing down your goals is a great start, but make sure to work with someone to help you put that goals in place like a coach or a trainer. It is much harder to reach your goals alone. If want to lose weight but haven’t created a strategy to get to your ideal weight, then you are bound for failure. It will take time, money and effort to reach your goal. So hiring a trainer or joining a gym may be what you need to put that plan in place. The more you plan and make a conscious effort to carry that plan out major results are bound to show up for you. 

3. Major Determination 
When you are determined to reach your goals, you will not let anything or anyone stop you no matter what. Determination is one of the most important key factors. There will always be distractions to hold you back, but you have to remain focused no matter what. This year you may have not reached all of goals you set, but if you are determined you will go back to the drawing board and do somethings different. You must be so determined to reach your goals that you can literally see it come to fruition. Overall, go into the New Year 2016 with some new determination and a new mindset. Don’t carry what happened this year over into the new year. Lead the New Year with new found relationships, a strategy in place, and new found determination. With these key components I know you will reach your goals and find the success you so desire. Have a powerful and prosperous New Year!

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