Wednesday, December 16, 2015

BOSS Spotlight: Meet The "Intuitive Consultant" Avalaura Beharry

Avalaura Beharry, is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Social Work.  Additionally, she is a trained Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor, Hypnotherapist, Holistic Aromatherapist and Yoga  passionately dedicates herself to mission-driven leaders and executives who dare to live their best lives. If now is the time for you to live a freedom-focused life and detox yourself from limiting beliefs to create an unrecognizable reality, Avalaura is who you’ve been waiting for.

TheBOSSNetwork: What were some obstacles that you faced in the beginning process of starting your business or career?

 Avalaura Beharry: One of my biggest obstacles was being a first generation entrepreneur with no guide, no plan and no real support. I had no idea how to be a successful business woman. I operated on a wing and a prayer for far too long. Until one day I woke up and realized people with far less talent were more successful than me because they had coaches, mentors and a plan for success. My business changed from that day forward.  

BN: What inspired you to break into your particular industry?

AV:I have done and continue to do the soul stirring, life altering inner work, I guide my clients to do. Once I dug deep, knew who I was, and discovered why I was here; I had no choice but to embrace my God given gifts and talents and answer my calling. Living a life of quiet desperation was far too painful. I had to create a life of passion and purpose. 

3. How do you balance your personal and professional life or have you been able to find a balance?

AV: Balance is for ballerinas. I operate within the harmony and flow of my life by surrendering to whatever is happening and choosing to be responsive vs unconsciously reacting. I practice what I preach by committing to daily self-care rituals including prayer, meditation, and gratitude that keeps me laser focused, energized, and grounded. If I’m not right, my business aint tight! 

BN: What is an inspirational quote that you live by?

AV: I am a quote-aholic. My social media is filled with daily quotes I live by. I adore anything Rumi. Here’s one of my favorites. "What matters is how quickly you do what your soul wants." - Rumi. 

BN: Who were some influential people or mentors that helped or encouraged you along the way?

AV: There are countless individuals and family members that have encouraged me and contributed to my success. I have a strong success team that keeps me grounded, humbled and inspired. My spiritual teacher is my God sent. Without him, I would not be the powerhouse I am today.  

BN: What are your ?must-haves? to keep your career or business going strong?

AV: I must have my faith, my relationship with God, intuition, prayer, meditation, gratitude, love, laughter, vacations, relationships with people who lift me higher including, friends, family, mentors, coaches, amazing clients who trust me to guide them, my phone, my laptop and social media. 

BN: What is your definition of a BOSS?

AV:I posted this quote on my social media recently. “Being a boss aint about ballin’ out every night. Being a boss is about putting people in position and changing people’s lives. Being a boss is about being a leader and serving your way to success.

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