Thursday, February 18, 2016

Becoming Fabulous and Faithful By Keita Joy

I finally learned how to take back my life and become the fabulous and faithful woman I was purposed to be

If you’re anything like me, you struggle with insecurities. If you were an appraiser, you would value your home (Your Spirit) below the actual market price. I have had successful careers, super chic clothes, and yet I would come home and doubt the temple that God had created. I went to church, sang the well-known gospel tracks, and even found time to mentor young girls. I was playing a role but didn’t understand why I was selected for the part. Have you ever felt this way? Always wondering if you’re worth it. Always minimizing your success or thinking that you are inferior to someone else. I finally began to listen to God. I mean really listen. My Spirit had grown tired of pity parties and self ridicule. I wanted to be free to love myself and all the beauty that comes with walking in transparency and authenticity. I knew that this transformation would propel my business to new heights and I would be able to be an even better, bombshell coach to successful women.  It was time to unleash my greatness and give other women the permission to do the same. It was time for me to be fabulous and faithful.

I’m an overachiever and like many successful Boss ladies, we share this trait like a badge of honor. I know I do! That’s how I landed where I am today in my Success Coaching business; by having faith and doing the work that others were too tired to do. But as an overachiever, often times we can fool, trick, and con the ones around us into thinking that we are operating at our best, just because our average looks above average to many (if you’re reading this, this applies to you). I finally wanted to be fabulous and faithful and own the fact that God made me in His image to use all my talents, gifts, and strengths to the max. Are you working your business to the max? Do you love your family to the max?  I had a harsh reality check that I was limiting the potential of my business as a result of being intimidated by my own fabulous ideas. I was resolved to cash in on my Christian benefits and take God at his Word and be the fabulous and faithful woman that he designed me to be. There was this dark and dreadful voice that haunted me. Its luminous shadow would hover me and tell me that my greatness is limited. It would whisper that my greatness would run out and can only travel so far. I realized that due to life experiences that shattered my heart and plagued my soul (you know the break ups, the job you wanted but didn’t receive the call back, or the daddy that was supposed to be around but always found a way to not show up…for ANYTHING.) this voice would occasionally make its way over to my ears. I learned that I don’t have to give those false words ANY power.

Now, I want you to realize that you are fabulous and faithful! Strut your confidence in heels, walk in your purpose in with style, and be faithful to God, to hope, and to the process. Fabulous and faithful women never settle, but only get better! I’m on a mission now to see, as many women as possible love God, look good, and take over the world!

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