Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Wait! Don’t Quit, Yet By "BOSS Influencer" Yvette Gavin

How to write a resignation letter made Google’s top 10 most searched ‘how to’ questions earlier this month. Congratulations if you’re among the folks moving on to a promising new job. But, wait. Don’t resign your current position or jump the gun by making announcements on social media until you’ve made it through the background checks and the offer is official. Here are three things you should know before giving your resignation letter:

I have a friend who lost a job offer after a lemon poppy seed muffin caused her to fail a drug test. You may not eat muffins, but there are other reasons the offer could fall through. On that note, you can’t put yourself in any situation where your job offer may be compromised. In other words, if someone else in your presence is smoking illegal substances, you need to remove yourself from the situation.

Drug tests aren’t the only thing that can go wrong at this point. A gentleman I know lost an offer for his dream job when the company discovered he had a felony conviction. More than two decades had passed since he committed the offense, and he'd never had another
run-in with the law. Because it stopped showing up on background checks after all that time, he almost forgot about it. However, this company’s research was so thorough that they discovered the conviction and, as a consequence, withdrew the job offer. Unfortunately, this man had already resigned the position he’d held before the offer was made. The loss left him devastated, and what had promised to be a significant advancement for his career turned into the beginning of a long period of unemployment.

You may be breathing a sigh of relief because you don’t have a criminal record and you can pass a drug test and financial background check with flying colors. I advise you not to get too comfortable. Things happen, so don’t give your resignation until you’ve completely locked down the new job. By completely locked down I mean making sure you have passed all background checks before giving your current employer a letter of resignation.
Yvette Gavin has coached individuals into higher paying jobs, more rewarding careers, and personal spiritual growth. A dynamic organizational leader, Yvette has helped Fortune 100 companies and small businesses to improve the quality of their deliverables and to build stronger and highly productive teams. Yvette is the author of Recalibrate! Navigating the Job Market with Confidence. Visit www.YvetteGavin.com Twitter: @yvettegavin

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