Monday, October 29, 2018

Moving Beyond Your Baggage by Jacquie Hood Martin, PhD

Day10aClarity is key to moving your life forward. When you gain perspective, a flood of questions can come running through your mind. How did this happen to me? How did I lose my view of myself? My life? How could I not see this going on around me? Sadly, it is not uncommon to miss the warning signs. At first glance, they seem benign, trivial, coincidence. We brush off the warnings as ‘matter-of-course’ when in actuality with each occurrence we shift our perspective rather than factor in the occurrence. When we factor it in or at least investigate, we see how we got to our current state of imbalance. The Law of Perspective, as found in my book Fulfilled! The Art & Joy of Balance encourages you not to just let it pass because nothing ever really passes unless we deal with it straight on. It remains tucked away in the back of your mind, nagging you, begging you to pay attention to it. You have missed the warning sign that can negatively or positively alter your perspective.
When we are continually searching, yet never really settling into where and what we are destined to be, we miss out on the real joy of living a fulfilled life. In order to tackle what you are leaving undone, here are three things on which to focus your effort. Here’s how to regain perspective:
Moving beyond baggage will require you to
1. Resolve issues that keep you off balance.
2. Reconcile relationships or habits that hinder you seeing with clarity; and
3. Reclaim your sense of pride and dignity.

These three outlooks enhance your chances of becoming a balanced person inside and out! Your entire way of life suffers when you are personally off balance. Consider how your professional life could be fairing if you possessed perspective. Then couple it with mental and emotional clarity. Each day beyond today you are discovering how to achieve balance and perspective. You can have peace and spiritual prosperity (1 John 3). It is possible. Yes, what you want out of life is within reach. Now, is the time to gain the perspective needed to attain it! Sometimes you have to exercise self-care as an #entrepreneur You shouldn’t have to wrestle with yourself about being true to yourself. Today, choose YOU over everything else. Living a balanced life is so much more than work/life/ includes personal wellness, mental health, and physical stamina. Know your capacity and be ok with not doing the most or what other people think you should be doing. Do what’s best for you and your brain and your brand. #iBalanceMe 

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