Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Here’s Why You May Have Been Unfriended, Blocked Or Simply Ignored On Social Media by Jacqueline Miller

Hey, BOSS lady! Looking to maximize your social media relationships, but find yourself being unfriended, blocked, or simply ignored? If the answer is “YES,” to both, then I encourage you to continue reading. I’ve compiled some recommended dos and don’ts aka social media etiquette, to assist you when navigating and networking online:
Your first connection with someone on social media SHOULD NOT involve:
1. A SALES PITCH, A REQUEST FOR A DONATION OR ANY TYPE OF SOLICITATION. Make an effort to get to know the individual somewhat before expecting them to support one of your initiatives or make a purchase.
2. A REQUEST FOR A “PICK YOUR BRAIN SESSION.” Success requires sacrifice. The knowledge that you want to pick from an entrepreneur’s brain (usually for free), probably cost that individual a hefty price to acquire. Respect the hustle and take measures to establish a genuine connection before asking for valuable information, especially that which you expect to receive at no or minimal cost.
3. REPETITIVE, INTRUSIVE BEHAVIORS. Including but not limited to daily casual messenger/direct message contact. Examples would include, sending messages requesting that something is forwarded for good luck, to 10 of your friends, etc., adding people to groups without consent, or tagging people in posts unnecessarily. If you have never clicked “like” or commented on someone’s post, how can you consider it OK to tag him or her in a post about your upcoming project or event?
Regardless of your relationship with an individual or the longevity of your connection, you SHOULD consider the following:
1. DO INTERACT, SHARE, LIKE, AND/OR COMMENT ON THEIR POSTS PERIODICALLY. If your contact only occurs when you need something from a person, do not be surprised if you hear crickets in response to your requests for assistance.
2. BE OF SERVICE, BEFORE EXPECTING TO RECEIVE IT. Make referrals and initiate introductions of like-minded people. However, be sure to make contact with the individuals separately to ask for their permission first. For a variety of reasons, not everyone may be open to the idea. Share relevant information that may be of use to your connections. However, do keep in mind that just because it’s of interest to you does not make it of interest to someone else. This practice of sharing is most effective when you actually follow the individual on social media, observe their posted content, and know what actually may interest them.
3. SEND A NOTE OF THANKS FOR A CONNECTION. Taking 10 seconds to do this is recommended, especially if you are the individual initiating the contact and have hopes of doing business with them in the future.
All healthy relationships require nurturing, whether on or offline. Stop treating social media like speed dating. “Hit it and quit it” interactions can be costly. The more professional you are in your communication with people, the more value your “social media currency” will become. The more valuable your “social media currency” is, the more likely your chances of establishing collaborative business relationships and the more likely you won’t be one of the friends deleted when an influencer’s maximum friends’ connection number has been reached.
Jacqueline Miller is a certified life coach, speaker, author, grief support facilitator, writer and career and leadership consultant for working moms. A former senior human resources executive, she is also skilled in helping leading-edge organizations to boost their success factor, by delivering essential business and soft skills training workshops, designed to cultivate a workforce of high-performing talent.

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