Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How To Lead In Business By V. Taybron

As an Entrepreneur you are a leader. Whether you want to be or not, people are looking at you to lead because you have started something. Some leaders are good and some are great. I don’t know about you but I’d rather be great. If we look at history until today we can all think of some great leaders: Martin Luther King, Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Oprah, Bill Gates, Sara Blakely, and more. There is no such thing as an island and no one becomes great by their own efforts. If your goal is to become a better leader, you have to begin to do the things that leaders do in order to become wildly successful. Implement these strategies and become great in your own right as an entrepreneur.

Delegate: Google is a huge international brand. I can’t tell you how many times I go to Google in a day. I would estimate between 8-10 times. Most would agree that Google is a great company. However, there is no way that Google could have become what it is today without the help of many people. Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google. Their goal was simply to get information into the hands of users. They want it to make it easier to find and share things. Yes they had a great idea but knew that they needed help to bring this dream to pass. This is where delegation comes into play. You have to know how to give away tasks to expand your business. Many entrepreneurs are good in a lot of areas but you can’t do everything. If you want to grow your business, you have to share your “to do lists” and let others chip in. If you can do this effectively you will look up and have your own building with an advertising departments, accounting, human resources, design, sales, and more. Doesn’t that sound like a dream? Dreams become reality. Learn to delegate.

Give Creative Control: When working with a team you want the best ideas out there. If you already have employees or a good dream team then you are several steps ahead of the game. To expand as a leader you need new and innovative ideas. We all have a vision in our heads of the way we want our businesses to be. However, your employees and dream teams may have ideas that are just as good and even better. After all they are with your business just as much as you are. When giving away projects give your team the opportunity to have creative control. When people feel as though they have freedom, you tend to get their best work out of them. Nobody likes to feel as though they don’t have freedom or a say in the work in which they do. If you can find ways to give your team creative control, they can assist in taking your dream to the next level and will be glad from being given the freedom of creative control. 

Invest In Others: Many people are working but not living their dreams. You know this as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are natural risk takers but that doesn't mean that your employees and dream team are as bold as you are to strike out on their dreams. You can become a better leader by investing in their dreams. If you know that one of your employees loves to write and has a dream of becoming a writer one day. Allow them to write the business newsletters and correspondence. Who knows? You may re-awaken their dream to write their first book. As a leader it is your job to help others live their purpose. Recognize their gifts and use practical methods and tools to enhance it. 

Focus: The greatest leaders of our time eliminated all distractions. We all must increase our focus. When distractions come, this means that something isn't getting done or it’s taking longer than needed to complete a necessary task or project. How can you become better at focusing? It could be as simple as not spending extra time to scroll on Facebook, shortening phone calls, closing your office door, or telling people you need an hour of space to focus. Do whatever works for you but you must focus. Great leaders are not easily distracted.

Who Do You Answer To?: All great leaders are accountable to somebody whether it's a mentor, spouse, or parent. Accountability partners are those individuals who hold you responsible for being great. If you tell them that your goal is to save $10,000 this year they will remind you of this goal when you are out shopping for shoes. We all need people in our lives who see the greatness in us and will remind us to be that daily.

If you are an entrepreneur you are a leader. Do you just want to be a leader or do you want to be legendary? Legends are those who strategically plan their lives and utilize methods that get them to the next level in their evolution. They delegate, give others freedom, invest in their teams, focus, and remain accountable at all times. Implement a few of these methods daily and become a force in your field.

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