Monday, May 4, 2015

Empowerment Networking Series Blog By Audrey Woodley

When social media and networking events start to build your target market, “ching ching,” you are on to something significant!

Most of the time when you are looking to build your network – if you didn't already start in college – you will have to take the time to study your market and know the current shortage or need in your particular industry.  Some of you know all about the hair or jewelry industry.  It’s understandable, luxury, high style and bling are fun things in which to indulge.  But, you have to go beyond the surface.  I've noticed that most women don’t want to study their market, and usually spend more money into buying supplies, than building a team and a down line to make the money work for itself.

You have to be the master of your plan, girly.  Know when to make cuts of people and habits that don’t serve you.  It’s time to get a new bag of friends when you’re working towards success and they are out party hopping.  Sometimes the haters are the ones closest to you.  We all know how these people operate; they will should up to your event just for the food, then talk you down to everyone else.

So, now that you have the business, you have to KISS with them.  There’s nothing like making them see you eat off the success that you've built.

When you’re building your network and your circle of influence, you begin to see a shift in your meetings and conversations.  You will even see some of your social media buddies fall off, or un-friend you, because they are not ready to see your growth.

So what makes someone a successful networker?  A successful networker is a powerful negotiator. Being a powerful negotiator helps you keep your game tight and the revenue coming on a weekly basis.  Just like in basketball, you need a dream team.  That Bulls weren't built overnight.  You have to get a successful coach, practice, business plan, marketing, and balance.

Next you must decide your short and long term goals, stick to those goals.  Move with intention. There will be days when you get side tracked.

That’s when you have to have your game plan tight and make it your business to stay on top.

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