Friday, May 13, 2016

Happy Mother(ship) Day! By Aria Craig

Leadership is something that was cultivated from my past experiences that shaped the woman and mother that I am today…and will be in the future. About eight years ago, I landed a great opportunity for a large insurance company. Because I was extremely ambitious (and still am), I transformed into a sponge to learn everything I needed to know in order to excel. And that, I did! Within five months, I was considered for a promotion to a leadership opportunity and less than a year later I was double promoted.  Not bad for someone who walked through the glass door with more than fifteen years of experience in a completely non-related industry (legal). Also, not bad for a single mother!

While elevating my game for my next career move, my son was being influenced. He noticed me working diligently to achieve my Bachelor Degree, subsequently completing my M.B.A. He became so driven that he was compelled to run for 5th grade class president after only attending the school for a year-and-a-half. I listened to his speech (that he drafted all by himself) and worked with him on his stage presence. On the day all the candidates had to speak in front of the student body I was an incredibly proud mom. The principal asked which candidate wanted to give their speech first. While the other students looked at each other with apprehension, my son – with his suit, tie and glasses – boldly and confidently proceeded to the microphone. And momma noticed! He spoke at the right pitch, gave hand gestures, paused at the right moments and gave direct eye contact. My eyes swelled up with tears and I jumped out of my seat, clapping so hard my hands turned beet red! By the end of the week, the decision was made. He called me from the principal’s office to inform me that he had won by a landslide!! Now, that deserved a trip for the biggest ice cream sundae and a handful of “Congratulations!” balloons. The best part about the experience is that I believed that He believed that he was equipped to win.

Society places so much shame on single and divorced mothers that the need for them to influence their children and others through their leadership characteristics is incredibly crucial. I have been blessed to cross the paths of so many fabulous and talented moms that are working on their crafts (or still contemplating) with a focus of service. Motherships (Mothers in Leadership) understand this calling. They are driven and want to elevate so intensely that the energy not only stirs their souls but the marrow in their bones. They have aspirations to create a legacy for their children and leave an inspiring imprint for future generations. And their children are observing this!

So on May 8th pat yourself on the back, brush your shoulders off and have a Fabulous Mother(ship) Day!!

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