Friday, May 13, 2016

Team work makes the dream work! By Kristen Pope

It’s no secret. I have an amazing team working on my show, “The Positive Controversy!” I brag on them all the time. There’s no way the show would be what is it without their hard work and expertise.

I get asked often, ‘how did you build your team?’ To be honest, initially I was clueless and didn’t have the answer. Which let me know one important item immediately: God had handpicked each person on my team.

To start, I told my great friend who’s also a producer, Squeaky Moore about the idea Not long after Squeaky and I discussed ideas for the show a few more times, I asked her if she would produce the show and she accepted! Squeaky has been a producer on many different projects. Not only was she talented, but she was skilled to produce my show.

Once Squeaky came on board, it was time to compile all of the other members of the production team: Camera man, lighting, sound, editor, and production assistant. Thanks to Squeaky’s work in the film industry, she had relationships with directors of photography (DPs), videographers, sound engineers and editors. One by one, Squeaky reached out to her network and told them about the show and what we needed.

Your business or idea may not be in television or media, but these fundamentals are universal!

Step#1: Seek out people who are genuinely interested and believe in your vision. Not only will they help bring it to pass, but they will also work hard and sacrifice with you to get the job done!

Step #2: Seek out people who are skilled at what you need accomplished. It’s nice to work with your friends, however, in order to create a successful product, you really need people who skilled to work in the area your company needs.

Step #3: Put your pride to the side. An old boss once told me if you’re the smartest person in your circle of friends, then you need a new set of friends. Don’t be afraid to surround yourself with people who know more than you. Keep focus on the bigger picture: creating an excellent product!

Step #4: Set a budget and stick to it! When you’re first starting out, hiring a team can get expensive when you have no reference to compare it to. Negotiate! Most people are willing to work within your budget if the project is long term and they believe in it!

Step #5: ASK! Ask for what you need! People generally tend to want to help out, they just need to know what it is you need.

Step #6: Be Flexible! Everyone who starts on your team, might not end on your team.

Step #7: Celebrate your team! They work hard. They share your struggles when they take part in your vision. Let them know that they are appreciated and valued!

 “Team work makes the dream work!”

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