Friday, May 24, 2019

10 Motivating Quotes on Personal Branding and Why you Should Care By Yvette Gavin

What’s your brand? Whether you realize it or not, you have a brand. Similar to product branding where marketers focus on product, promotion, place, and price to establish expectations for consumers, your personal brand is your reputation. Every encounter you have with another person, you’re teaching them what to expect from you.

Developing an authentic professional image – your own unique brand – that’s truly right for you is a valuable asset in the workplace. Branding is about building a name for yourself, showcasing what sets you apart from others, and describing the added value you bring to an organization. Here’re some of my favorite personal branding quotes. I hope they inspire you to take your brand to the next level.

10 Personal Branding Quotes
“All of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called YOU.”  Tom Peters  

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”  Jeff Bezos

“At the center of your being you have the answer: you know who you are, and you know what you want.” Lao Tzu  

“Be intentional about creating a personal brand that reflects your personality and values and don’t allow others to make you a clone of who they want you to be.” Yvette Gavin “Personal branding is the art of becoming knowable, likable and trustable.” John Jantsch

“If you are not a brand, you are a commodity.” Philip Kotler

“If you’re not branding yourself, you can be sure others do it for you.” Unknown

“In a world where you can be anything, be yourself.” Etta Turner

“Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.” Malcolm Forbes

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” Warren Buffett

Which quote resonates with you the most? If you have a personal branding quote you would like to add, please leave it in the comments section. Before you do, share these inspiring quotes with someone you know who could use a boost of inspiration!

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