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BOSS TELE-SERIES: Featuring Dr. Kamala Uzzell As Seen On Oprah's (OWN)

Free Your Mind!
(Prepare For A New You In 2013)
Change and activity provide excitement in life. Without the stimulation of change, such as new experiences and new relationships, life would be pretty dull.  However, too much change can lead to stress.Stress is an emotional and physical response to events in our lives, resulting in unpleasant feelings such as anxiety, tension, and strain.  Stress can take a heavy toll on our mental health and overall well-being.
Join me for this informative tele-seminar as I discuss some of the causes of stress and outline for you 7 sure-fire ways of effectively managing it and taking care of yourself!
Meet Dr.Kamala Uzzell, Ph.D, LPC, NCC, DCC, ACS
Dr. Kamala Uzzell, a licensed therapist, professor, motivational speaker, and life coach, is the President and CEO of SOLAY Counseling & Research Center, P.C. As the CEO of one of the leading mental health practices in North Carolina's Research Triangle Park area, she provides services to residents at both SOLAY’s corporate location in Durham, NC and in SOLAY’s additional established practice in Goldsboro, NC.
Dr. Uzzell has extensive experience in the treatment of depression, anxiety disorders, stress management and workforce and career-related issues. She also has expertise in facilitating seminars that foster empowerment and motivation. Dr. Uzzell has also implemented a number of programs that focus on mental health issues that largely affect women and racial minorities in hopes to alter the negative perceptions surrounding mental illnesses and psychotherapy.
 In addition to providing psychotherapy services in her practice, Dr. Uzzell currently serves as an adjunct professor of Counselor Education at Campbell University and has formerly been an adjunct professor at North Carolina State University, Mount Olive College and Durham Technical Community College. 
Dr. Uzzell has been a guest speaker at many institutions of higher education, such as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Voorhees College, Shaw University and North Carolina Central University School of Law. She has also made various guest appearances including an appearance on Dr. Walter Sims’ blog talk radio show, The Motivator. Tune in to the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) in January 2013 to catch Dr. Uzzell as a guest therapist on Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal!

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Four Steps To Being A Great Leader From Chief Brand Officer of "Jamba Juice" Julie Washington


 As Chief Brand Officer of Jamba Juice and President of Talbott Teas, Julie Washington is responsible for the strategic development and management of Jamba’s marketing and the leadership of Jamba’s newest company acquisition. It’s a big job with long hours, but at the root of it all is Washington’s passion and commitment to serve others.

 “In marketing anything can change. The consumer changes, the economics changes, the product offerings change. Change is constant so you have to have a passion for marketing,” she says. “You have to be consumer-centric.”

 Throughout her longstanding career, Washington has climbed the ranks, allowing her intuition to guide her and making sure she learns lessons along the way. Washington shares her advice on becoming a great leader with The BOSS Network:

Find a great mentor

“One thing that would have been helpful is if I had a mentor early in my career. I am a strong believer in mentors. Other people might have been able to helped answer my questions. People who have faith in you and invest in you is something you cannot put enough value on.”

Learn how to respond

“Reacting and responding are two different things. Reacting is more impulsive. Responding is ‘I stopped and thought then I took action’ because there was some reflective moment in the response. Set the stage for the information you are going to give-not just give a reactionary answer to it."

Embrace critisim                                                                                                           
 “You have to be aware of your strengths and your weakness. Be open to the gift of feedback. To be a really good leader, you have to be able to look in the mirror and deal with the reflection you see.”

Discover your passion; discover your career

“What are some things that get you excited? You have to be a good student who is always learning. Be open to being taught from one of the least likely of experiences and conversations. You have to a passion for what you do... Every career  opportunity isn’t one you should pursue; I don’t care how much money they offer you. It has to fit with your purpose and passion.”

Lenora Houseworth is a writer, editor, and social media strategist in the New York City area. She can be reached at or on Twitter at @LenoraTheScribe.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Failing Forward - How to Bounce Back in 4 Steps: Recover from Failure with Class and a Smile By Dorothy Enriquez


Have you ever noticed the closer you are to your dreams or goals the more scared you become? Fear of failing is crippling for many people.

     Failure was one of my biggest fears. As 2012 comes to a close, I realized I've come  face to face with every single type of failure I used to worry about endlessly. My mind constructed the worst case scenario. With every failure I faced, it was never as bad as my imagination had depicted it. I realized there were two things paramount in every failure, mistake and downward spiral: my faith and tenacity. I don’t just fail and roll over. I go kicking and screaming. What does that mean? It means I fail forward. If I keep getting back up after every fall, I feel like I haven’t really failed. I’ve made a mistake. And to err is human.
    My dad says throughout the course of life everything that happens, good or bad, has consequences. My job is to learn from every scenario. If it’s good, keep repeating whatever I did to make that event occur. If it’s adverse, try my best to avoid it like scurvy and the bubonic plague. Dads are great aren’t they!

Here’s the process I go through when I fail forward:
1. Acknowledge what happened. Don’t sit there and act brand new. A mistake was made or something happened that was out of our control. No matter whose fault it was, it happened and we need to admit it in order move forward.
2. Put it into perspective. When bad things happen, we get pissed, hurt, sad or devastated. [Insert whatever emotion here.] We can cry ourselves a river for a night…maybe two or three depending on how large the failure was…but then it’s time to put it into perspective. advises treating the experience as a learning opportunity: Identify what we learned and how we can grow from the situation.
3. Make a plan. No matter the failure, create a detailed outline on paper of what ‘bouncing back’ looks like. Lost a job? Update that resume! Then write down what the dream job will look like. This process helps us to focus as we move forward.
4. Gratitude and grace. We need to pat ourselves on the back and extend ourselves a little grace. We can be our worst critic. Mantra to selfI lived through it…I’m not dead. Every waking day is another chance to get back on the wagon and try again. Purchase a small notebook and every single day write down at least 10 things to be thankful for. According to gratitude fosters happiness, making it easier to cope with stress and trauma. Failure is traumatic if you ask me. Can I get an amen!?
    Failure is also a part of life. We can’t expect to get through life without making any mistakes. I can boldly say I’d rather fail with God on my side than fail without God. To all of my DOT-Nistas who have fallen off their little red wagon: Girls, we’re too cute to do the ugly cry. Let’s dust ourselves off, have a glass of wine, phone a friend and then get back to it. We’ve got a whole world waiting for us to succeed. Take note girls: Failure ALWAYS comes before the success.
Did you fail forward in 2012? If so, how did you bounce back and what did you learn from the experience? Leave a comment below!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Beauty Does Lie: The Untold Stories of Autoimmune Diseases By Courtney G. Smith


Courtney G. Smith is a woman who taken her diagnosis of the autoimmune disease myasthenia gravis (MG) and used it to empower women. Courtney was first diagnosed with MG in April 2001. She founded Control Your Auto Productions, Inc. in April 2006 and began filming the award-winning documentary Beauty Does Lie: The Untold Stories of Autoimmune Diseases June of that same year. Beauty Does Lie explores the lives of 7 African American women living with various forms of autoimmune diseases including lupus, multiple sclerosis (MS), Sjogren's syndrome, pernicious anemia and myasthenia gravis. The women explain their emotional and physical difficulties of living with chronic, potentially debilitating diseases while dealing with the ignorance they encounter in society due to their healthy outer appearances. In spite of their daily battles with their autoimmune diseases, these women are able to triumph and live fulfilling lives. Beauty Does Lie also features commentary by highly regarded medical professionals in the Chicago community including, rheumatologist Dr. Adrienne Burford Foggs of Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL and neurologist Dr. Tonya Fuller of Ingalls Memorial Hospital in Harvey, IL.

In 2007 Courtney was selected to be a workshop speaker for the Minority Women’s Summit in Washington, DC and was also quoted in Essence magazine. Beauty Does Lie was picked up for distribution in July 2007 by Fanlight Productions, Inc. The film has received several accolades, including being selected for presentation at the 2008 Western Psychological Association Convention, receiving a 2008 Merit Award for Video at the National Health Information Awards and being selected for presentation at the 2012 Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America National Conference. Courtney currently distributes the film through Control Your Auto Productions, Inc. You can get your copy today for $24.99 at

How To Feel More Energized At Work By Althea McIntyre


None of us want a career where we are dragging ourselves to work each day, wishing we could just stay in bed and under the covers because we’re bored, exhausted, drained and lack motivation to do our jobs.
When you are not energized by your work, you are not as effective, productive and impactful as you can be.
When we are energized by our work, our careers are more fun and fulfilling. If you want to feel more energized at work, the first place for you to start is to notice your energy throughout the day.
Notice your energy
It’s important to begin to notice your energy levels while at work because it will tell you where your natural gifts and talents are, where you’ll succeed most in your career, and the career success plan that will work best for you.
You need to know the aspects of your job that have you come alive and produce your best work.
Notice which work activities get you excited and you want to work on immediately. Notice the days you jump out of bed because you are looking forward to the projects you’ll be working on that day. Notice the tasks that come easily to you with the least amount of effort, strain and struggle. Notice the assignments that you’re passionate about and you don’t dread spending a large amount of time working on.
You can begin right now by just looking at your calendar or to-do list. You’ll receive instant energy feedback of what you want on and off your plate. The ones you want to stay on your plate are the ones that play to your strengths.
But the real meat is to notice and document your energy level for a consistent period of time. Here’s the information you want to really pay attention to. The tasks, assignments, projects and meetings that:
• You truly enjoy doing.
• You find yourself laughing and having fun while working on.
• You feel empowered by, in service and of purpose.
• You are naturally creative, resourceful and effective in.
• You produce high-level results.
• You consistently receive high praises for.
• You love learning, growing and developing in.
• You experience a sense of joy, peace, contentment and fulfillment.
• They reflect your core values and most authentic self.
There are several habits and behaviors you’ll need to incorporate into your life to increase and manage your energy, but first you need to find out what energizes you in your career.
A career or executive coach can help you through this process, but you can do this on your own with a simple pen and paper and a commitment to notice and track your energy at work for 30 days.
In doing so, you will become more aware of the changes you need to make and where exactly to make the changes so you are more energized and successful in your career.
Ready to take your career to the next level and need the support of a career coach? Click here to schedule your private complimentary 20-minute phone consultation.

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5 Fantastic Ways To Tell People How Fabulous You Are …Without having To Actually Say a Word By Jenny Garrett


 I recently attended a fantastic women’s networking event, it was an intimate setting where we dined together and shared our achievements and goals. As we moved around the table introducing ourselves, I was a little surprised when one of the attendees introduced herself as follows: ‘I am a brilliant stylist, I know I am, people have told me so.’ 

I thought this was great because as women I don’t think we sing our own praises enough.  There could be many reasons for this, such as:

  •  Messages you were told as a little girl about being good and not standing out
  •  It could be just that you don’t recognise your unique qualities and skills and take them for granted
  •  You think people will know how good you are without you telling them

Your potential: clients, colleagues, suppliers, bosses are unlikely to recognise how good you are without you bringing it to their attention.  However perhaps you’re not quite at the point of being able to speak about yourself in such bold terms as the woman I mentioned above just yet, or perhaps it doesn’t quite fit with your character or feel appropriate.

Here are five fantastic ways to tell people how fabulous you are without having to actually say a word.

1. Utilise Market Research or Feedback
Get an independent market researcher to contact your customers to find out what’s being working and what’s unique about you, you can add this feedback to your marketing material, it will also have the added benefit of reminding your customers about you.

If you are employed, ask for a 360 degree feedback questionnaire, so that your boss, colleagues, customers and suppliers can spend time thinking about their experience of you.  You can then quote what was said about you in your next appraisal or even before.

2. Maximise your exposure through social media
Social media is an awesome way to help everyone recognise your fabulousness, get clients to Tweet to their network about their positive experience with you. You can then retweet their message to your network for double the exposure.

LinkedIn is fantastic for those who are employed to share projects that they’re working on and get endorsements or full-blown testimonials for anyone in the world to see. All you have to do is ask.

3. Elevate your credibility through writing articles
Demonstrate your expertise through writing articles; you could start with your local newspaper, blog, or find out if there are publications that those in your sector regularly read that you could contribute to.  This will give your credibility and you can send copies of articles to potential clients or mention them on your résumé

4. Videos
Always have a video camera with you to capture testimonials, the best time is always now, always ask their permission and let them know how you will use the video. You can also ask colleagues to catch you in action, doing whatever it is that you do best; delivering an important presentation is always a good opportunity.  Post your videos to the Internet for all to see or just selectively email those that you want to influence.

5. Help others to help you
As an entrepreneur you can create a loyalty incentive to reward your clients that refer and recommend you on, or at the very least make it easy for them to do so by providing them with text and the tools to do so.
As an employee, seek out a sponsor or two, someone more senior than your boss who will recommend and stand up for you to others.  Someone who is aware of how good you are, and, who will sell your skills when it counts.

So whether you an entrepreneur or employed or both, you can get people shouting about you with having to say a word. Try it, it really works!

To Learn More About Jenny Garrett Follow Her @JenniferGarrett

Respect: BOSS Ladies Rule! By Reneé Lowe


The word respect gets thrown around loosely and often trampled over. This has always been a concern for me as a BOSS Lady. In my past 9-5 life, it was often hard to get the respect that I felt I was due. I was also very careful about what my reputation was in the boardroom. In Public Relations, these things are key, to keep your brand moving and shaking like a well-oiled machine!

I have had clients who needed extreme crisis management to repair their reputation and some who needed to re-vamp their image, to gain more respect for their brand. In either situation, you have to remember to be diligent and press towards your goal, despite the roadblocks. There are always those that will lurk in the background only to tear you down on previous mistakes or failures and this can be very dangerous when building respect for a brand. Personally, I don’t believe that anyone’s past should dictate their future and that is why people like me, do the job that we do. We can take a battered brand or image and build it up, so it can once again attain the professional footing that it may have lost.

In situations where people purposely try to derail your brand, you have to start the process of SPAM blocking in your life. Just like the many emails you get with promises of getting rich quickly or miracle fat-burning pills, you must hit the junk button and treat it as SPAM! This is paramount in gaining respect and building up a reputation. If you make a mistake, own it 110% and provide the solutions that will be implemented, so said mistakes will not happen again.

One of the ways you can earn respect in the workplace, is being firm on what you believe. Always speak up on an opinion…No shrinking violets here! If you are mute in every board meeting, people will start to wonder why you are taking up space in the chair. The second things is to be a true leader and don’t forget to get your OWN hands dirty. Nothing encourages an employee more than when a BOSS can work alongside them in the trenches. The final thing I have learned is to know your craft. This is a BIG one! Never rely on others solely to speak on behalf of your brand, because that can lead to disaster. Only you can steer the ship on your dreams and guide it to success. Along with this, make sure that everyone on your team understands the vision for your brand and check up on them continuously, to make sure they are maintaining the utmost standards of excellence.

While gaining respect as a BOSS Lady may seem daunting at times, don’t ever give up! There may be cases where you need to put a project on hold and come back to it. Sometimes, even a negative situation may warrant you to step aside and allow a “fresh face” to take the controls, until repairs can be made. Whatever the scenario, keep in mind your end result and stay on the path of perseverance. The steps to claiming respect, will ALWAYS reveal themselves!

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How To Stay Engaged With Your Virtual Network In three Easy Steps By Malla Haridat


If you are a member of the BOSS network, I’m sure you know already the value of networking.  But how do you continue to engage people after meeting them?  I know I’ve come home from events with a ton of business cards - excited to have met so many great people and wondering how I’m going to stay in contact with allllll of them.  When you factor in networking with all of the other things going on in your business, it can be overwhelming!

So here are three things I do that help me stay engaged.  Each of them is manageable - 15 min max.  And they really help me stay in touch with contacts outside of the first meeting.

Email a LinkedIn contact

I’m sure most of you have a LinkedIn network.  But how many people have you emailed/messaged your network in the past month?

Especially someone that you haven’t spoken to in the past six-nine months.

I started doing this recently.  I made a commitment of contacting two people each month.  People that I haven’t heard from in the past year.  During this past month, one friend shared with me news about a new contract that she won.  We celebrated.  Another friend told me that her business had fallen on hard times and she was looking for work. We started brainstorming employment options, I reached out to someone in my network and we both said some prayers to keep her positive.

Yes, I’m only staying connected with two people at a time in my network.  But isn’t that what networking really is - staying engaged with individuals on a personal level?

Connect with someone in your industry on Twitter

Oh the beast called Twitter.  How do you meet someone you’ve never met in under 140 characters? 

Easy.  Keep sharing something of value for THEM. 

       If you are under 1,000 followers - Pick someone you want to meet in your industry.  Check out Twitter lists like wefollow or other directories to find new experts.
       If you are over 1,000 followers - find someone that has engaged with you who has an interesting profile...and you haven’t spoken directly to them.  

In both examples, don’t ask the person for anything.  Find out some things that interest them - recent news, areas of interest - and share information that will be helpful to THEM.
I’ve done this several times and been pleasantly surprised when person reaches out to me directly.  Often when they connect, we don’t have the awkward “Who are you dance?”  I’ve already learned some things about them and they already get I’m about helping people.  I’ve had contacts e share coupon codes for events, freebies via a link, and the best one - advice on how to handle a situation I was dealing with.  All because I continued to build a relationship by sharing something of value to the other person.

Reach out to the BOSSes

Don’t forget to reach out and meet new BOSSes!

Develop a draft email that shares a little about you and a though provoking question.   For example, I might share- “Hi fellow BOSS member, I am Malla and I am an entrepreneurship coach.  I just recently got back from an industry conference on entrepreneurship education in DC and had a great time networking and meeting others.  What’s the last good industry event that you attended?”

In your intro email, share something interesting about yourself and think of a good topic that offers insight into the other person. 

(And by the way, if anyone wants to connect with me, feel free to tweet me and tell me about the last good industry event you attended.  I’m always interested in finding out what good things people are doing!)

You need to be open to not hearing a response from everyone.   But just like sales, some will, some won’t, so what because there is always someone waiting.  Overtime, I’m sure you will find some great new people in your network by trying this technique.

I hope you found these helpful.  I would be interested to hear how well they work for you and/or if you have other strategies you could share for engaging with your virtual network.

To Find Out More About Malla Haridat Follower Her @MallaHaridat

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-- Open Rivers Pictures, Inc. launches Open Rivers Studios, a 16,000 sq. ft. facility in Fayetteville, Georgia. --

Tammy Williams Founder/CEO of Open Rivers Pictures Atlanta, GA ( -- Open Rivers Pictures makes history today with the launch of Open Rivers Studios, the first African American female-owned television and film studio, and post-production facility in the state of Georgia.

The focus of Open Rivers Studios is creating, developing and producing original content including; documentaries, comedy series, children's programming and sitcoms. "With aggressive growth across the digital platform, and the launch of several cable channels targeted to the African-American community, it makes great business sense to grow Open Rivers Pictures in the direction of developing more original content within our own facility, to service these individual distribution outlets," says CEO and founder, Tammy Williams.
In addition, Open Rivers Studios is available for leasing in support of film studios, cable networks, photographers, casting, rehearsals, and production meetings.

Open Rivers Pictures has content divisions devoted to TV, film, digital and home entertainment, and houses a set construction department to support our original content needs."We're excited about launching the first studio of this caliber in Fayetteville, GA.," says Williams. "Its surrounding suburban communities are ripe with wonderful neighborhoods and settings that will work well for film, and television backdrops."

The State of Georgia and city of Fayetteville are very passionate about servicing the film community - evident in the 30% tax incentive program. Another highlight is that Fayetteville, GA, is only 20 minutes from Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport making the commute effortless.

For more information about Open Rivers Pictures, Inc., please visit their website at or contact:
Watch the YouTube video at

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Six Tips for Promoting Your Business on Facebook


As of 2012, there are over one billion Facebook users. How many of them could be your next client?

Chances are you have a personal Facebook account. That's great for connecting with friends, relatives, and finding new social connections. But as an entrepreneur, if your paying prospects are hanging out on Facebook, you are missing an opportunity without a Facebook Page for your business.

When choosing to set up your Facebook business page, here are six ways to get it right:

1. Connect Your Page to Your Blog/Website

Presumably, your business has an online presence elsewhere - a website, blog, or some such. On your site, it's a good idea to set up a link to your Facebook page and vice versa. This allows visitors to your site to easily connect to your Facebook page. And your Facebook friends can easily find your website (you can do this by adding a link to your website in the Basic Information section of your Business Page).

Facebook is known as a familiar network where people can interact one on one. Giving clients and prospects the option of finding you on Facebook gives your business a personal touch. Another key to making connections is being able to offer your clients the ability to share your information.

2. Content

It's a good idea to have a plan as to what you are going to say on your Facebook page. Your page's content is the information you present to your clients and prospects: Make it interesting, relevant and fresh so that people will stay when they visit and return for more content. Need a few ideas for what to share? Your blog posts, invitation to events, quotes, links to helpful tutorials or books, images, your clients sites and fan pages.

AVOID THIS - Do not post to Facebook like you post to Twitter. Facebook is more visual; make sure your links to posts have images as opposed to twitter where it is just 140 characters. Yes you can automate your Facebook posts with tools like Hootsuite, but the last thing you want to end up with your Facebook page looking like a Twitter stream.

3. Interact and Engage

If lead generation is the intended outcome of promoting your business using social media, interaction with your clients and prospects is one of the main cogs in the wheel that get you there. To encourage interaction, you'll need to have applications (apps) and content that engages readers. These include things like contests, games, and special offers. By creating apps for your page your information has the potential to "go viral" and reach many people quickly.

Tip: Allow people who like your page to post comments and respond to your posts. Read only Facebook business pages are like a cold shoulder. It may require some monitoring but the opportunity to engage on your page is a great way to build community.

4. Give Stuff Away (Not Everything Though)
Interactive or not, business professionals generally agree that giving away freebies is a great way to promote your business. If you give away a few high-quality freebies, then your fans will be likely to purchase your higher-quality items or products you're selling. There are several formats your freebie can be delivered in: a checklist, free report, template, downloadable audio, access to video or exclusive interview are just some examples.

5. Advertise
Facebook ads are easy to create and relatively inexpensive. Facebook allows you to target your ads to your particular demographic. You can use key words from Facebook users' profiles to ensure the ad will appeal to your audience. This can save you time and effort, and really get your message across to your target audience or market. And with the new ability to promote specific posts, you can really target the content, target, and offers you to advertise.

6. Let Your Brilliance Shine
These days, individuality and authenticity are in. You can use your personality and your own individual approach to promote your business. Pictures, jokes, humor, video, stories, quotes...Don't hesitate to capitalize on your best ways to express yourself, what makes you, you!

Are you on Facebook? List your Facebook Fan Page in the comments section. Here's the link to the Launch While Working Page: 

P.S. Here's the link to the private Launch While Working group: 

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We Are Inspired By This BOSS Zara Green: Join Us Thursday, October 25th At 7pm ET For A Live #BOSSChat

 Zara D. Green is an author, speaker and trainer specializing in personal growth, resiliency development and individuality advocacy.  Founder and Principal Owner of A2Z Personal Development Enterprises, a multiplatform media company focused on the creation of personal development products, live events and communications.

Green is best known for helping others to understanding individual temperaments as a key factor of healthy, productive life management, in order to empower them to make their Next Decision Better™. She is also known for her popular Grown Is Sexy™ and PooNannie Principles™ content and products, which focus on teaching healthy relationship choices founded on love of self, respect of others, and taking personal responsibility for securing both. For women in particular, Green has garnered a passionate and local following for her teachings on helping women to proactively make H.E.R. ™—Honor, Esteem and Respect—a non-negotiable priority in order to secure happy and fulfilled lives.

Green is a highly sought-after speaker and seminar leader, as well as an expert on healthy relationships and life management for radio, television and social media programs. She and A2Z co-Principle Alfred Edmond Jr., a nationally recognize media executive and expert on business and personal finance, also jointly lead sessions on personal growth, self-love and resiliency, and healthy relationships at live events across the country. Green, who enjoys enthusiastic and loyal social media followings on Twitter and via her Grown Is Sexy Facebook page, is a frequent guest on BlogTalk Radio. She was featured for her personal development expertise in The Biography Channel’s feature on Ted Williams, the “man with the golden voice” pulled from homelessness into a national media feeding frenzy via YouTube. Green is also the author of two audio books, Living In Harmony: The Art of Understanding Thoughts and Behaviors and Living By Design: How to Freely Be Who You Are.

Green has over 20 years of comprehensive, multi-industry mass communications experience, including consulting, managing and implementing customized internal communications solutions and public relations strategies in both the public and private sectors.  A native of New Orleans and former news reporter, Green lived and worked from coast to coast for 13 years, and returned two years prior to Hurricane Katrina, at which time she was the director of public relations for the City of New Orleans under Mayor C. Ray Nagin.  She later became a member of the 2006 and 2010 mayoral campaign teams of New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

Prior to working for the City of New Orleans, Green was a trainer and seminar leader for SkillPath, an international training company, traveling the country to teach communications, interpersonal and leadership skills via public seminars and private sessions at corporations and government entities . She also has more than two decades of experience as
voice-over talent and on-camera spokesperson.

Green holds a BS in Psychology/Mass Communications from Xavier University of Louisiana, and is a certified counselor and a life-long learner.  

Join Us Thursday, October 25th At 7pm ET For A Live #BOSSChat Via Twitter With

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The female breadwinners survival guide By Jenny Garrett


*Struggling to balance a budding entrepreneurial business with being Mom?

*Torn between family commitments and work?

*Thrust into the role of breadwinner when your partner has been laid off, retired or become ill?

*Non-existent work life balance?

You are not alone, around 40% of women in the US are the breadwinner, and the number is growing. There’s been a lot of talk about the ‘End of Men’ and women being ‘The Richer Sex’, but it’s not all power suits and top jobs.

Rhonda, a successful businesswoman, working in a male dominated environment, with a child under one year old sums up the challenge of being the breadwinner eloquently:
“By being a working career woman or career mom, I’m trying to get the best out of both worlds. I’m trying to be true to who I am, not to who other people want me to be or what people think people I should be. And that is difficult”
Jenny Garrett, executive coach and author of Rocking Your Role, the ‘how to’ guide to success for female breadwinners, shares 10 essential survival tips from her experience of coaching hundreds of female breadwinners.
1. Check Your Ego
The combination of your role at work and being the breadwinner at home can become a heady cocktail intoxicating you into thinking that you are the only one who has something valid to say in your relationship. If you notice yourself thinking that your opinion is the only one matters because you’re the one holding the purse strings, it’s time to check your ego.

2. Drop the Superwoman Syndrome
Take off your superwoman cape. 
Listen and listen carefully, it’s OK not to be able to do it all. Repeat after me, it’s OK not to be able to do it all.
 Now say it out loud, it’s OK not to do be able to do it all.

3. Remember you always have a choice
Sometimes you don’t exactly choose to become the breadwinner, but you can choose your attitude to your situation. Take back control of your emotions.
4. Talk about money
Don’t let money be the elephant in the room, talk about money with your partner. Decide who manages money, how it’s managed and how you will make financial decisions.  Ensure you have two-way communication about finances, your relationship and your work.
5. Look after your spiritual, physical and mental well-being
You physical, mental and spiritual health are critical, investing in you now will avoid painful derailment of your work and family life later. Take time for you, it could be with dance classes, developing yourself through courses, dates with your partner or even full on retreats. My thing is meditation.
Do whatever restores balance, gives you space to breathe and let go of all the roles you play in life.
6. Ditch the Guilt 

Guilt will drain your energy and take away from the freedom you have to enjoy your life and time with loved ones. Trust that for others to be happy you don’t have to be unhappy. Think quality rather than quantity where time is concerned.
7. Recognise your interdependence 

The reality is that you are kidding yourself if you really think you are independent, as we are all interdependent. A complex web of support surrounds you to make your life work, so acknowledge it and notice what you need to keep this system healthy and thriving.
8. Maintain your femininity 

Being the main earner can make you feel like the man and woman of the house. You can need without being needy. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, cherished and looked after sometimes.
9. Celebrate and share with other woman 

The act of sharing your experience is a way for you to embrace other women who are also breadwinners; it’s an invaluable opportunity to learn from each other. Find ways to share your story.
10. Be aware of the legacy that you are leaving
You are creating the future. If you haven’t reflected on the legacy you leave, how you are a role model and influence others, this is a good time to start because how you choose to react to the role of breadwinner has a significant knock-on effect.
Let me know how you get on Rocking Your Role in life and work.
To learn more about Jenny Garrett at @JenniferGarrett

BOSS Entrepreneurs – Ready to take a walk on the “skinny branch” in 2013? By Malla Haridat


As a women’s entrepreneurship coach, I am a big believer in setting goals and creating plans to execute on those goals.  But alongside the goals and plans, you have to be willing to step away from the day to day for brief periods and assess how the business is delivering against your long term vision.  What do you see for your company in the next 10, 20 years?  What are you doing to reach that goal?

It’s too easy to get bogged down in the day to day work and become comfortable with your current income.  I just spent a week with my bookkeeper to get several expense reports finalized.  (And I consider myself semi organized!  Lol)  When you have a steady stream of clients or customers, it’s a common trap to focus only on the “get done now” tasks.

Even if your sales are not where you desire, you can still get too focused on the daily work of finding immediate customers.  How often do you spend pitching to larger clients that require a ton of research, relationship building, and longer sales cycles?  What have you done to develop a long term marketing campaign rather than just maintaining your daily social media updates?  Are there new team members that you need to be identifying?  Where do you need to position yourself to meet them and attract them to your company?

I had a client recently recognize that she was too focused on working with her current client roster and missing the big picture.  She turned down a contract with an existing client for the opportunity to spend a few months brainstorming, creating, and planning for 2013.  As this is not a client who “has it like that”, I commended her for taking this bold step to turn down immediate income in the pursuit of asking tough questions about where she wants to be in the next ten - twenty years.  She recognizes she needs to take an honest look at her numbers and develop a new marketing plan as she is currently dependant on only a few clients.

I challenged her to think about a big strategic risk that would really challenge her.  Something that almost scares her to put on her list.  A big hairy audacious goal that would position her as an industry leader – not just another service provider and would make a major impact to her bottom line.  A stretch. Lisa Nichols calls it “taking a walk on the skinny branch” and it’s a habit that I think more women entrepreneurs need to adopt.

I’m hoping she’ll consider a rehaul of her website, speaking engagements, and other opportunities that will get her in front of her target market.

For myself, I will be implementing a public relations campaign as one of my top goals for 2013.  Sure it costs money and takes time out of my day to day.  It will cause all types of new opportunities….. and bring new challenges.  But I have examined those who are successful in their industry.  And guess what?  PR definitely is key.

Now it’s just figuring out how to fulfill on all of the opportunities that come my direction.
So let me offer this post as a challenge to you – take some time away from the day to day of your business.  Be creative.  Think about what goals you need to consider that will really stretch you.  Find a coach or mentor that will challenge your list –so that you know it’s a real stretch and you are not just coming up with a nice neat goal list from your prior years.

I’d love to hear what stretch goals you create.  Share your insights and thoughts!

For more information on Malla Haridat follow her at @MallaHaridat