Monday, February 25, 2013

Three Ways to Share Your Story on Social Media By Ruby Veridiano

A status update is more than a mere 150 characters, it’s a bold statement, if you choose it to be. Every tweet, facebook update, and blog post is a chapter in the book you are writing about you and/or your company’s story, so it’s crucial to view social media as a craft.

So what should you post on Facebook? Here are three different ideas that you can use to innovate the way you post:

1. PHOTOS- Pictures are indeed worth a thousand words, but only if the picture is purposeful to your brand’s story. Share photos of you at work, in action, or your product. They don’t have to be pictures of yourself, but rather, photos that demonstrate your services/product and the value it offers. Photos also tend to get more “likes” and views on social media.

2. RELATED ARTICLES- The articles you read show where your interests are. Sharing these with your audience further reinforces the lane you’re creating for yourself and your business, all the while educating yourself further on your area of expertise. It may even be helpful to tag the author on your post to connect with a like-minded individual. In this way, not only are you sharing knowledge and enforcing your brand, but also networking with someone in your field.

3. VIDEOS- Post videos that are relevant to you, your personality, and your brand (see #2). The idea is to give your audience a way to get to know you via your posts, but also to enrich other people’s lives. Don’t limit yourself to Youtube! TED Talks (  are awesome inspirational resources as well, and your audience will know that they can count on you to provide them with valuable content that will keep them coming back to you again and again.

Remember that in the world of social media, everything is public, and people all over the world will have access to us through what we share. That being said, while social media can be used for personal entertainment, we should also strive to bring about positive content in our posts to add value to the world. After all, you’ve got a gift that the world is just waiting to be a part of.

Hope this helps! Feel free to re-share on FB, Twitter, and wherever else if you found this helpful. If you have other questions, reach me on FACEBOOK or on Twitter @rubymsuniverseFor social media consulting, reach me at

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